Why Games Can Be Fatal?


It could be hard to believe, but video games have actually killed some people. There are a number of cases that are associated with the overuse of games.  Dance Dance Revolution is known as a physical form of game. It’s made by Konami and available in PlayStation. Players need to step on the right on the dancing pad, based on the position of the flashing lights on the screen. The catchy and energetic music will compel players to move. In general, it’s a good way to be active and stay entertained. However, this game isn’t without implication among some people. Examinations show that the player had a seizure due to intense dancing. The flashing lights could have an effect on the person and he suffocated on his tongue.

The family has sued Konami for the death, but lawyers argued that the victim may have pre-existing health issues, before he played the game. World of Warcraft is also the cause of a few deaths. The MMORPG is very popular and addictive among players. A young player was forbidden to play the game by his parents and he committed suicide, with a note stating “I’m going away to be with the heroes of Azeroth”. Due to this case, Blizzard has initiated training for employees, if they receive suicide threats from players. In reality, some players threaten Blizzard with suicide, if their accounts are not unbanned.

WoW isn’t the only addictive game from Blizzard. The original Starcraft was released in the late 1990’s, but it remains very popular today. Starcraft is still very popular in South Korea and a person died after playing the game for 70 hours straight. 24/7 Internet cafes are quite common in South Korea and people can literally play for days during weekends or holiday seasons. Some people play multiplayer sessions of Starcraft for hours, only stopping to eat, use the restrooms and take short naps. The problem becomes quite serious for some people, because they lost their jobs. The person passed out on his third day playing Starcraft. Due to lack of rest and nutrition, he died of heart failure in hospital. His death became big news in South Korea, which made the public aware about the fatal implications of addiction. Anyone who have played Starcraft would agree that the game is very addictive. When people do a gaming marathon, it is easy for them to forget having good nutrition and proper sleep.

Hudson Wooley was a very enthusiastic player of Everquest, which was a popular MMORPG before the World of Warcraft. He played Everquest several hours each day and become quite depressed. It’s controversial whether Everquest contributed to his suicide or the game is just a way to escape problems. When playing games, it is important for anyone to know how to exercise restraint. Excessive gaming and addiction could cause various problems, including mental and physical issues. It is important for people to balance their daily lives and actual physical activities in outdoors situation should be a great thing.