Five Steps to Follow If You Want to Become Game Testers


Any die hard gamer won’t to be gamer for the rest of their lives. The world of game testing is not practical for anyone. If you want to far exceed the competition, it’s important that you are well prepared. Many people would love to test games and be paid for that. Here are things that you should do:

  1. Build up gaming experience: Casual and veteran gamers are vastly different. The latter is easily identifiable by their passion with games. If you see games casually, you may consider building up your interest. Show to the potential employer that you are really eager to play games. It is a good thing if you have an actual game testing experience. Game developers often offer free beta releases to a limited group of people for testing purposes. If you managed to encounter bugs and glitches that were successfully reported back to the developer, then you did an actual testing task in the past.
  2. Prepare an effective resume: During professional job application, an effective resume is key. Without resume, you can’t showcase your talents and experience. Many gamers underestimate the essence and importance of a good resume. The resume is a part of first impression and you need to make it a perfect one. It is far less likely for applicants to get hired or even interviewed if the put together a shabby resume. A resume can make you stand high above the rest. It would be necessary for you to take the effort and time to put together excellent resume to show your abilities and skills.
  3. Decide what game to specialize: The gaming industry is very diverse. First person shooters and platformers require high degree of reflex, real time strategies require tactical planning and role playing games take persistence. Most veteran gamers have specific specialization and you should decide what genre to specialize. Game testing can be quite challenging, as you need to tackle some levels or bosses that are designed to challenge even the most seasoned players.
  4. Apply immediately: If you know that you are passionate, motivated and experienced in game testing, then it’s time to apply immediately. The game testing industry has relatively high turnover rate and game developers often have new job postings to fill vacant positions. Most of the time, game developers ask for online application through email, so make sure that your digital resume is well designed and can impress any reader.
  5. Get prepared to start an interview: If potential employers believe that your resume is prospective, you will be asked to participate in interview process. This is the time when potential employers will consider whether you are actually capable of doing the game testing tasks. Before you walk through the door, you should know about likely interview questions and how to answer them in the best way and manner possible. Review your key skills, such as attention to detail and the ability to find even the minutest glitches. Some developers may have a test session to know about your ability to find bugs in a limited period of time.