The Ultimate 6 Foot Care Tips For Runners

The Ultimate 6 Foot Care Tips For Runners


If you are a runner, amateur or a professional, you are probably already familiar with all of the possible running injuries there are, including the common soreness and swollenness of feet. Experiencing these issues is a common thing, but what you need to know is how to treat them on time before any of the problems get bigger. These 6 useful tips will help you learn how to properly take care of your feet as a runner. 

Take care of your Blisters

Running can cause many issues to your feet, one of them being blisters too. For that reason, you need to carefully examine your feet after you are done running for the day. Inspect your feet and try to look for any signs of blisters. In case you notice you have blisters, the first thing you need to do is clean your feet and apply a pad on them. This will not only help in keeping the area protected from infections but the pad will keep the area protected from pain or unnecessary exposure to water which will as a result have a better healing process. Actually, blisters aren’t that big of a problem. Since they can heal on their own most of the time. However, it’s best if you help the process go faster by thoroughly cleaning your feet and protecting the affected area. 

Also, most blisters can be drained as well. You just need to be careful when doing that and you need to know what you are doing. The first step is to clean the skin. Then, you need to use a sterile needle to drain the blister on your feet. After you drained it out completely, you need to cover the area with antiseptic and a bandage. 

Moisturize your Feet

A lot of people make a mistake by not moisturizing their skin after the shower. This is an especially important step for runners and you should never skip it. Right after you hop out of the shower, you should moisturize your feet. While your skin is still damp from the shower, make sure to use foot cream that is going to provide rich hydration to your skin and to your feet. By doing this, you will be able to ease the dryness after the run, and it will also help you prevent any future issues such as blisters and heel fissures

Cool them Down

Running can make your feet feel really swollen and achy. In order to help your feet cool down, you will need to soak them in cold water for some time. By doing so, you will help your muscle fibers and blood vessels constrict, which as a result makes the swollenness and soreness go away too. Just make sure that you have enough ice and water in the container to cover your whole feet and make sure to leave your feet in for about 10 minutes so they can soak properly. 

Some runners use a technique where they add some Epsom salts to help reduce the swelling faster, but you shouldn’t use them that often. This kind of salt can dry out your skin.

Massage your Feet Regularly

It’s important that you take some time after a long run to pamper your feet a bit and give them a nice and relaxing massage. This simple, yet very effective step, will help you not only in reducing soreness in your feet but will reduce any pain you have after a brutal running session. Right after taking a shower and applying your hydrating foot cream take some time to gently press and massage your feet in the areas where they feel sore and swollen. You can either do this yourself or go get a professional massage done every once in a while. 

You can also get one of those foot-specific rollers that will help you get rid of any pain or soreness you may feel in your feet. A tennis ball or a frozen water bottle can work fine too. Some athletes prefer using tennis balls because they are really helpful in targeting the specific areas on their feet.

Visit a Sports Podiatry Experts

Massaging your feet and treating blisters at home is always an option. You can easily do it by yourself. It doesn’t take much time or effort. However, every once in a while it can be very beneficial for you to go get feet treatment at a professional sports podiatry where experts will make sure that your feet are in the right condition and treat any issues you may be experiencing. 

Recognize and Address Injuries

Time is of the essence here. It is really important that you spot and address injuries on time. If the pain is consistent you need to take a few days off, rest and soak your feet in ice for about 10 or 15 minutes three times a day. Also, try wearing supportive shoes. If by the end of the week the problem does not go away, you definitely need to visit your doctor. If you notice any soreness, irritation, or redness that won’t go away, it is of utmost importance that you go to your podiatrist. This might mean you are dealing with a much bigger issue. So, make sure to treat it on time. 


In conclusion, running injuries, irritation, and soreness are somewhat common and normal things. What’s really important here is that you take good care of your feet after running and treat your injuries on time.