5 Advice From Your Podiatrist To Keep Your Feet and Ankle Healthy


Your feat bears a lot and so it requires proper care just like any other part of your body. However, it is an area that is often neglected. There are many issues that you may face like fungal infection from poor hygiene to pain due to overstraining of ligaments and tendons in feet that need proper remedy. Prevention is a proactive way to deal with the problem because it lessens the sufferings and promotes good health. Sound feet could also help you to lead a healthy life. The precautions that you need to follow are simple and it will just take few minutes to execute. These measures reduce of the chances of problems related to the feet.

Mentioned Below are 5 Advices from your Podiatrist:

Choose the Right Shoe

The first step for healthy foot starts with wearing the right shoes. Select the ones that will fit you right. Your feet could appear to grow as tendons and ligaments relax as you grow old. Replace any ill-fitting pair immediately because they can affect your feet. People with bunions and hammer toe are prescribed wide shoes with comfortable sole by podiatrist. Do not wear the same shoe for two consecutive days. High heels exert undue pressure on your heels and so avoid wearing them often. Go for heels that have a wide base so that they can provide good support to your feet.

Clean Your Feet

The next important step is to clean your feet. It hardly takes a minute for the process and is easy to execute. Clean your feet with soap and warm water regularly and pat them dry. Follow the process religiously after you take off shoes because this will help to fight infections. Change socks daily and wear cotton or acrylic fiber. The people who suffer from diabetes should ensure that they treat any cut to the feet and clean the wound with disinfectant. This regime is prescribed by podiatrist to ensure that there is no infection. When you are in the outdoor, avoid walking barefoot.

Trim All Extras

Trimming toenails is important to keep your feet safe. It reduces the chances of overturns and ingrowths. File them to keep them clean. Fungal infection could also damage your toenails. Keep them clean. People who have corns and calluses should regularly trim them. It is one step that podiatrist suggest reducing pressure on affected area. Use a clean and disinfected trimmer to get rid of extra part. It ensures that lotions and soaks reach deep. After you put on cream, you need to cover your feet with socks to avoid dirt accumulation. Scrub off the excess skin on cracks and apply the cream to cover.

Go for Regular Exercise

Exercise can also help the tendons and ligaments to relax. They relieve the heel pain and general foot ache. There are many exercises that podiatrist will recommend that will stretch your feet and relax pain. Toe curls are helpful to relax your muscles. It involves picking objects from your toe and moving them to a certain small distance. Ankle pumps will help to move your ankle up and down. These regimes are helpful for those who have standing or sitting jobs. These could be performed anytime but preferably as a warm up in mornings. You can go for wall stretch and can also move your ankles in a circular motion.

Go for Expert Advice

Consulting a doctor at first signs of infection could resolve the issue fast. The remedy recommended by podiatrist will be topical creams that are easy to apply. An infection spreads when your skin in the area changes color and turns red, black or purple and in this case, seeking specialist help is important. Never neglect persistent pains in heel or ankle area and check your feet for lumps and calluses.