The Ultimate Guide To Self-Storage

The Ultimate Guide To Self-Storage


Many people need to use self storage. You may be moving and need to store a few things while you are in the process. You may have items that you only use occasionally and don’t have room in your home to store them. Some businesses store items in self storage until needed. Many eBay sellers use self storage to keep their inventory while waiting to sell it. There are some things to keep in mind when renting self storage units.

Contracts and Insurance

When renting a storage unit you will need to sign a contract that says that you will pay on a month to month basis, use your own lock, and you will be the only one able to access your unit. The storage service will not enter your unit unless they feel you are violating the contract and doing something illegal. You also will need to purchase insurance for your possessions either through the storage service or provide proof of other insurance. If your possessions are damaged or stolen you will be covered.

What are you Storing and What Size Unit Will You Need?

Think about what items you will store. Make sure you will not need these items for some time. You don’t want to be running to the storage unit every day. Once you have decided on the items think about the size unit you will need. Most storage facilities provide units from 5”x5” to 10”x30” and smaller locker size units are often available. Some self storage facilities like, self storage locations throughout Newbury Park, offer free truck and driver if you reserve a 10”x20” or lager unit.


Most storage units are available with security cameras, and codes to enter the facility. Some also have climate control. Once you know what you are storing decide if your items are sensitive to the climate and need that particular service.

Storage Facilities Hours

Be aware of the days and hours the facility is open. Most storage facilities have days and hours they are open. Make sure you are aware of their time frame so you don’t travel to your unit and can’t access your items.

Shop Online

With the convenience of the internet we are able to shop and compare anything. This way of researching storage facilities will help you find out what is available. It is likely you will be able to find something near where you live as storage units are a growing business. Because there are so many options storage units will be in competition for your business prices will be competitive. You should look for discounts and special deals. Many facilities offer special discounts for veterans and students. They will also run deals at certain times of the year.

Reserve, Claim, and Move

Reserve your unit online or by phone. Once you reserve the unit it is yours and you will not be charged until you move in on or before your move in date. Be sure to move in on or before the reservation date and bring your first payment. You will be required to pay some or most of the monthly rent at this time. You can move in on the same day you make your payment or at another time.

Remember your Unit

Have you watched Storage Wars? That show is popular because of the many people who forget their storage units. You should plan to visit your unit several times a year just to remember what you have stored. It is easy to forget.