Why Games are Appealing?


Video games give you the opportunity to harness your power and set clear intentions. Since the era of Pac Man and Monopoly, it’s all about manifesting glory. Thanks to the digital technology, gaming is becoming more appealing and accessible for everyone. With proper approach, games can help to transform lives positively. Games are available on all problems, including in social media and mobile devices. When you play games, they dominate your thought process and propel you into a new reality. When you are consciously willing to enter this new reality, it will become a pleasure experience, no matter how intangible it is. Gaming is always seen as one of escapism method. When you encounter a new game, you will learn its mechanics and try to know how it works.

You will meet new characters and discover the real goal of the game. In fact, there are twists in games just like in movies, so what you think as a goal, is actually not the real goal. A seemingly protagonist character in the game could actually be a traitor or even your arch-enemy. In games, you are also told to use your best judgment when you face various problems. Veteran games know that they need to play smarter, instead of harder. They need to strategize moves and move further in the best possible way. You need to anticipate curve balls and implement a winning tactic. Gaming is like we experience our real lives. We need to use our intention and strategy, as well as learning from our mistakes and experiences.

When we play games, we want to win and we always try to win. We need to be completely clear before we play game, to know what our real intention is. When we play games, we often are often surprised by unexpected elements in the game. People love it when there’s something that creeps up from behind. Games can leave a lasting impact on anyone, if the person is fully immersed in it. Veteran gamers could always identify games that they consider as influential in their lives. Even casual gamers feel a jolt of joy when something or someone creeps up from behind in the game. In open world games, like Elder Scrolls series, people love to wander aimlessly. They can roam and do anything they want for months, without even doing the main quest.

There are also setbacks in the game, but failures in games won’t result in huge disappointment, which is an appeal for many people. In games, we can just learn from our mistakes and start over. This is something that we can’t do in real life, because one mistake can have a lasting implication for years or even for the rest of our lives. Games are a way to manifest our physical reality in digital reams. When we complete a game successfully, we feel the joy and we fail we feel some disappointment, but they don’t have any long term consequences. In fact, people who excel in game can enjoy a winning streak in various gaming competition, bringing them wealth and fame.