The Use of Drugs in Video Games


Video games sometimes glorify the use of drugs. As an example, a game called Narc allows players to confiscate drugs. When playing games about modern life, we are bound to find some references about drugs use. Parents should know what kind of games that their children are playing. If these games seem to glorify the use of drugs, then certain steps need to be made to make sure that they don’t fall to addiction problems. Intervention is the key factor and parents need to directly remove any game that can cause bad influences among young children. They need to get the message across that the use of drugs can ruin their lives. Children should be surrounded by people who are care. We need to know that small actions can negatively affect our lives. Influences in video games can be quite overwhelming, causing young children to feel cornered.

Instead of playing games, make sure that children spend a lot of time with their parents. Make sure that there’s positive discussion, especially the one related to daily lives. In many cases, video games achieve nothing and it is more important for children to study, so they can keep their progress on track. Dealing with children can be quite tricky, so it is probably a good idea for parents to rehearse their statements. Make sure that each statement has dramatic impact on how children think and behave. Repetition is needed, because children will continue considering to play games. Peer pressure can be quite intense, because friends could continue to encourage your children to play specific popular games. You need to choose the right time to talk with your children. As an example, you should make sure that your children is actually listening to what you want to say.

Parents should do to the best of their ability. If children are listening and comply with the request, it would be for their own good. Children will have so much excuse, so they will be allowed to play. If children continue to insist, parents can choose a middle ground, by allowing children to play neutral and balanced games. As an example, many mobile games are friendlier to young children and don’t show violence too much. Also, choose video games that include useful information, such as historical background or settings in specific geographical locations. Whatever happens, parents should avoid accusing their children. If parents want to make sure that they have good relationships with children, it is important to stop accusing them. In many cases, children will become defensive and try to maintain their gaming activities. So, parents need to understand their goals.

Make arrangements with children in advance to have a proper family time, so everyone can be happy and active. Discussion should be directed to ensure that everyone can gain something from it. Parents should be responsible and are able to solve any problem that happens in the family. It is more important to ensure that children have the sincerity to stay productive and choose the type of entertainment that brings good values in their lives.