Lovely Outdoor Sanctuary And Ways To Create It

Lovely Outdoor Sanctuary And Ways To Create It


A secluded place all for yourself can mean all the difference in the world. Your haven, detached from the everyday hustle and noise. A spot just for you, where you can unwind, relax and charge your batteries for whatever the world throws. Having a deck or a backyard (or both) is a commodity that is often overlooked and underutilized which is a real shame.

There’s a real treasure of opportunity hidden right in your very backyard, which is just waiting to be used. You are only limited by your imagination and creativity as there is no need to break the bank on remodeling it according to your visions. Simple changes here and there with a couple of adjustments can make it work and provide you with the Zen spot you seek. With all that in mind, let’s get started because there is no time like today.

1. Walling off your piece of haven.

Today more than ever, all of us understand the importance of privacy. Something that we used to take for granted, and didn’t even think about, has become a focal talking point. The same applies here. If you want to detach from the bustling and noisy outside world, you can do so with some walling off. Short of getting bricks and mortars to erect one, frosted glass panels do the job just as well.

Or you can go even more naturally with a bamboo fence. Perhaps you are planning long term, and in that case, you can opt for wall trellises as they are perfect for any climbing and vine-type plants. The focus here should be on making your own space and defining borders while also keeping prying eyes away from your slice of haven. And surrounding yourself with plants is always a good idea. Or, as we will see later, these types of walls can become multi-practical.

2. Don’t be on the fence.

There is no reason not to use fences when redesigning your backyard space. You can think of them as miniature walls or ways to funnel and guide your guests. You can use them to designate some areas or, to better define them. For instance, your nifty little flower garden can have a matching fence. If you have a trail that zig-zags around and would like to decorate besides it, a humble little fence along the way can give it a unique touch. Your imagination is the only limit in this particular field.

Fences come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Also, materials so that you can better incorporate them into your vision and backyard design. They can be easily installed, with parts that can puncture the ground without any hustle. There is no need to hire someone as these things are made for do-it-yourself projects. Or you can opt for panels that can be decorated or designed with various patterns which can be mounted or installed between two poles. Again, dare to think outside the box as you imagine your perfect place.

3. A Song of Fire and Water.

Incorporating natural elements can be fun as well as a healthy addition to any backyard. Many scientific studies have been made on the positive impact that various natural elements can have on our mental health. A simple fire pit brings that primal and rustic element that can be used as a centerpiece for party gatherings. You can gather around it with your friends and family for a pleasant and relaxing evening. It can simulate a camping experience in the woodlands without the hassle. One quick tip here, by adding citronella oil to the fire, the pesky pests will be kept at bay, as you all enjoy your evening.

And with fire around, it would be a shame not to use it and grill something over it. A fireplace can easily convert to a grill and there is no shortage of options to include here. Since you already have it, there is no reason not to make it multifunctional. On the other side of the fire, there is water. And with that come the option of fountains, for example. They bring with them the touch of class and serenity to the area. A form of art or practical, they attract birds so you can enjoy their songs as you wind down with your favorite book.

Also, let’s say that the BBQ party is over and there’s a mess around the area, leaves have started to clump up the place. Your outdoor sanctuary could now really use a wash. A good and reliable super jet washer can make your backyard spotless in a second and renew its shine. After all, it’s much easier on the eyes if everything is clean and fresh. A clean outdoor is a reflection of your inner self and vice versa.

4. Lights, camera, action.

Remember the part we mentioned before? The one where walls can be made multifunctional? Well, as they provide privacy from the world, they also provide space for your wishes. On them, you can put just about anything, from flowers to TVs. That’s right, a cinema in your very own backyard. Various projectors and options are possible here so that you can slouch back and enjoy the show in your very own private theater. A bit of fiddling with the electricity and cables can bring a real game-changer. You will be surprised how easily you can make it happen. Also, lights can be places to set the tone and mood for your outdoor sanctuary.

They also can double down as pest repellants and decorative set pieces. The color of them can be white, but then again, it can be whatever you desire. You and you alone know your space the best. Dimmed, subtle or luminous, with them you can shape and set the mode in the evening as you relax alone or are having a party. And a party needs some music to get going.

Now we are not saying to throw a rock concert that will make the neighbors go crazy, but there is an option to install subtle speakers on which you can play relaxing melodies. It’s more suitable, non-imposing, and sublime. Natural, Zen, relaxing, and meditative music can be played, as it can echo and enhance the experience you are trying to achieve in your desired space.

5. Blankets of shade.

Toasting and being scorched in the heat is not something you can associate with meditative relaxing. The solution here also comes in many forms. One form is a tree that can provide natural shade and bring the outdoors to your backyard. The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. Since we don’t have a time machine if you chose this solution, plant one today. Mother Earth will thank you.

If you are in a mood or prefer a different approach, shade sails enable smoother sailing through the heat. You can string them above anything and on anything. Pick the color you want, and after the season is over, wrap them up and store them easily in your attic or garage until the need for them heats up again. They are very subtle in design, can easily fit above your designated space, and won’t break the roof of your budget. The only roof involved here is the one you will be putting up above you.

And speaking of which, pergolas are the next step in your quest for shade. Don’t think of them as these rigid structures as they can be flexible and adapt to your needs. Yes, they can be made next to your home and extend the living space to the deck beneath. Or they can extend the room they are next to and offer the outside version. But they can also be made anywhere in your backyard garden to provide protection and shade. And you can put plants and vines on them, or above-mentioned sound and video system. Or deck them out with furniture. While we are on that topic, get on your favorite sofa, slouch back, and start with the next item on the list.

6. Furniture-ing the outdoor.

Think towards hammocks stretched out between two poles or trees and you lazily swinging and getting lulled to sleep. Or deck sofas and you laid across with a cocktail, admiring the view you made. Why not use comfy chairs around a table? Or the before mentioned fire pit as you chat with loved ones? Outdoor furniture means to spoil you, and you should fully embrace and indulge away. Gone are the days when indoors was their domain, as now there are no boundaries.

There are versions made with materials resistant to rainfalls or other weather influences, so you don’t have to worry about them. Your only preoccupation is to pick and match models and colors. With that out of the way, dive into the comfort that is now spread out across your backyard. If you have some reserved spots, you can easily fit in a sofa, or a chair with a nifty table beside and sink into your book, isolated from all in your corner. A drink and a plant to keep you company can be just one example that shows you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy yourself.

7. Plants VS Boredom.

We mentioned them a few times here and there but, they deserve their special place and section. The same applies to your backyard. While some first thoughts can be about high maintenance, plant diseases, and high upkeep, that doesn’t have to be the case here. You can ask any florist for low upkeep, robust and enduring plants that can be a supplement and not a burden. Plants generally are very grateful and bring a lot to the scene.

Pleasant colors that can be vibrant or subtle combined with fragrant smells that spread around the whole outdoor. Vines can decorate and complement any boring surface you dislike with just the bare minimum help from your side. Some types like the fountain grass and gold flowers can grow up to half a meter and won’t require you to buzz around them like a bee but enjoying their presence. Plant some of the countless species of climbing roses against any walls, poles, etc. In a short amount of time, they will cover them with greenery and selected color. Pretty soon you will find yourself in a fairy tale, located conveniently in your backyard.

Or, you can bring the countryside if you would prefer to grow your garden. Doing some gardening can be healthy and stress relieving if that’s your thing. And you can have some homegrown vegetables on the table so that’s a bonus. Onions, carrots, beets, sunflowers, the list goes on, and it’s up to you how you want to fill your garden space.

8. Pave the way.

While walking on the grass is all nice and sweet, a subtle pathway can help your quests navigate your garden of wonder. Gravel or wood chips provide that old-school look. Or you can do as the Romans and pave the way with brick-like blocks. Maybe even get creative and make small mosaics along the way? It will be unique and memorable.

Pathways don’t have to be monotone and colorless. You can mix and match to adapt to different areas of your back garden. Stone, marble, and similar are excellent choices for bringing out a more sophisticated and modern look. Sleek, durable, and eye-catching, these can dominate the way as your walk with confidence and stride thru your practical little kingdom, observing the fruits of your labor. Trust us, it’s one of the best feelings in the world.

9. Family time.

A curious mind of a child is truly a wonder to behold. Including them in any family activity can provide unique insight and create those special and unforgettable family moments and experiences. So how exactly can children help you in this area? Simple, just provide them with the means and watch as the magic happens. A plain white wall can become a canvas for their unlimited painting skills. Just grab some paint and let them loose on the plain and now empty wall.

The excitement and joy in their eyes won’t be measurable and you will easily take the title of the best parent ever. And you can bet that your wall will become a unique piece of modern art, far and wide. The best part is, you can let them do this anytime they want, so the look of the wall can always change, and you can view a fresh masterpiece made from your most beloved every time you sit down.

10. Apply themes.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel as we saved the best for last. If all of the above sounds exhausting and too much work, but you still want work done, don’t worry because we got you covered. With a general idea in mind, you can google broad themes. One example is a Mediterranean garden. Pristine white and blue colors with soothing themes and warm vibes are the pillars of this. Various pillars in Greek or Roman style, coupled with some statues of the same period, make a more artsy look.

Pared with vines that intervene along with the columns with hammocks and woven furniture, this can be an excellent starter pack if you are looking for such a look. Or maybe you are looking for a more island look like a Cuban or Caribbean Garden? Why sail the high seas when you can have the feel and smell of them in your backyard? With wooden elements and rustic vibes, white or colorful sheets for shade strung over various parts, you can set sail straight to your oasis of peace.

An oasis can be associated with a more Arabic or Egyptian style were brown, orange, white, and yellow merge to bring something unique and unexpected. Sandy and stone, maybe even marble elements can combine to provide a wonder for all who discover this and get the privilege of being invited.

Just one more theme to throw in there for you to google which is the oriental garden styles. Buddhism and Zen are the central points of why you are doing this so aiming for a bamboo fence, tranquil ponds, and various other Asian elements will breathe fresh air and energy to your much needed and weary soul. Every time you step into your garden of Zen, you will be able to find inner peace in a fraction of the time.

Knowing and preparation are half the battle. With this knowledge, you can now face back at all the stress, hustle, and noise that the world throws at you with renewed determination. And you won’t have to face those burdens alone as your very own back garden, yard, or simply your outdoor space is working with you. Together it’s much easier to achieve common goals, such as mental health, refiling your batteries, or simply unwinding. This may seem like you are doing nothing to the outside world, but we both know there is something much more happening here. Which is, you who are enjoying your happy place, and that’s all that matters.