Top 5 Trustworthy Bitcoin Games

Top 5 Trustworthy Bitcoin Games


If you’re a crypto enthusiast and gamer, you’re going to love this.

That’s because you now have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin while enjoying your favourite games.

And why does this matter even if you’re not a crypto enthusiast?

That’s because…

Cryptocurrencies are the Future

Bitcoin. Ethereum. Cardano. Binance coin.

These are more than just fancy terms; they represent the future of finance.

As of the time of writing, the cryptocurrency market is once again heating up in the aftermath of a market correction in June 2021.

Bitcoin being the gold standard of cryptocurrencies is still widely favored by both retail and institutional investors.

Given cryptocurrency’s amazing return on investment, it’s easy to see why even non-crypto investors have chosen to get aboard the bandwagon.

But, what if you’re a smaller investor looking to dip your toes into the market? Is there a risk-free way for you to wrap your head around cryptocurrency without breaking the bank?

There is indeed and they come in the form of…

Cryptocurrency Faucets

Also known sometimes as Bitcoin faucets, crypto faucets are websites/platforms that pay out small quantities of cryptocurrency in exchange for completing a certain task.

Crypto faucets were originally meant to help new enthusiasts better understand how cryptocurrencies worked by giving them a small quantity to play around with.

Nowadays, crypto faucets have become much more sophisticated and Bitcoin/crypto games are one of the best examples.

What are Bitcoin/Crypto Games?

Bitcoin/crypto games reward players with a small cryptocurrency payment for completing a level or a set of objectives within the game.

Bitcoin games are usually mobile-only or browser-based apps that feature simple but addictive gameplay. Realizing how popular cryptocurrencies have become, game developers likely chose to incorporate Bitcoin payouts in order to attract new players.

The surge of traffic would serve as a form of free advertising and at the same time, developers could work to refine their game.

To many gamers, Bitcoin games can be something of a win-win – after all, how often do you get paid to play your favorite game?

However, before you start downloading the first game that offers you cryptocurrency payouts, here are a few considerations:

Issues to take into Account

  1. Not all game developers may be above board

Cryptocurrencies are extremely popular, so some unscrupulous developers may take advantage of this and require payment upfront.

  1. Some sites may be a scam

Unfortunately, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can sometimes fall victim to their own popularity. So, keep an eye out for games or websites that sound too good to be true.

Top 5 Trustworthy Bitcoin Games

Issues aside, Bitcoin games are a fun way to collect some Satoshis (Satoshis are the unit of measurement for the smallest quantity of Bitcoins – think of them ascents) on the side.

To help you get started on your journey, we’ve put together a collection of 5 trustworthy Bitcoin games that you can download and start playing right now.

1. Alien Run

The spirit of 2D platformers of old is brought to life in Alien Run – a side-scrolling platformer that puts you in the shows of Daniel D’Alien.

Guide Daniel through a labyrinth of traps, mazes, and obstacles and score points in this charming game. Players are rewarded with Satoshis every time they successfully complete a level.

Free-to-play and available for Android and iOS, Alien Run is the perfect game for fans of Mario and Castlevania.

Pros: Classic gameplay and easy-to-learn mechanics make Alien Run suitable for casual players.

Cons: Levels tend to drag on for too long

2. Spark Profit

Here’s one that any amateur trader is sure to enjoy. Spark Profit is a game that challenges you to accurately predict how the market will perform.

What makes Spark Profit unique is that players are rewarded with Bitcoin when they correctly forecast actual market conditions.

Besides that, Spark Profit also monitors market conditions in real-time, letting you keep an eye on your actual investments.

And as an added plus, the founders of Spark Profit claim to have paid out more than $500,000 in Bitcoin tokens.

Available on iOS, Android, and web browsers, you’ll be able to start tracking and forecasting crypto market conditions with this app.

Pros: Provides users with a fun way to learn about the crypto market while they earn money.

Cons: Possible issues with the app’s interface and reliability

3. CryptoPop

If puzzle games are your thing, then you’ll most definitely love CryptoPop.

Modeled after CandyCrush, CryptoPop challenges you to break blocks of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Ripple to score points.

Featuring the same addictive gameplay of CandyCrush, you’ll be sure to spend many happy hours of fun smashing blocks of cryptocurrency.

And better still, players will be rewarded with more Ethereum and PopCoin tokens the higher their score grows.

Pros: Addictive and fun gameplay makes this an excellent way to quickly accumulate crypto tokens

Cons: Available only on Android and does not pay out Bitcoin tokens. However, developers have said that they are currently working on bringing in more tokens.

4. CropBytes

Why waste time playing Farmville when you’ve got CropBytes.

In CropBytes, players assume the role of a farmer looking to turn his/her farm into a serious, money-making machine.

They’ll have to sell their produce for money which is then converted into actual Bitcoin tokens.

So, the harder you work on your in-game farm, the more tokens you can collect.

Pros: Fun way of farming for crypto tokens

Cons: In-app purchases required

5. Bitcoin Bounce

Bitcoin Bounce is a platformer that challenges you to collect THNDR tickets on each level to then participate in the Bitcoin token lottery.

At the end of the day, winners of the lottery will be rewarded with Bitcoin tokens.

As you move from level to level, you’ll be able to collect bonuses and power-ups that will help you through.

Pros: Fun, exciting gameplay that challenges your skills

Cons: Bitcoin token lottery can be inconsistent.

And now, here you have a selection of the 5 most trustworthy Bitcoin games available. To find more games like this click here and check out Tezro selection. Just remember to pace yourself every time you play as some of these games can be seriously addictive.