5 Perfect Apps to Manage Your Money

5 Perfect Apps to Manage Your Money


Managing your income can be tricky, especially if you have a large family with countless hidden costs. Credit card bills, utility bills, insurance premiums, mortgage payments, and school fees keep sneaking into your bank account.  

For many, the problem doesn’t lie in the inability to tally the numbers. They don’t have the time to track expenses and keep their spreadsheet up to date.  

If this sounds exactly like what you’re dealing with, rest assured technology can come to your rescue.  

Did you know several apps can help you manage your money? They can automate the process, doing the task faster and more efficiently. Moreover, you can do it all safely and securely from your device. 

So the challenge now lies in finding the right one. But that’s easier said than done.  

The app market is full of budgeting apps. And I know you’re very busy. So let’s cut the chase and get down to business. 

To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of some apps that you need to consider to manage your money. And the sooner you download them, the better. 

  1. Your banking app

One of the first apps you should research is your banking app. They can be easily found in all app stores and are usually free.  

Because you have easy access to your bank balance, recent transactions, money transfers, bill payments, and much more, you will be instantly updated about your finances. More importantly, you have 24/7 access to your account. 

Similarly, many credit card companies have official apps to help you manage your budget and savings. 

  1. Goodbudget

Suppose you’re looking for a personal financial manager while on the go, then this app is for you. Goodbudget is one of the famous simple budgeting apps available on the market. This app is recommended by Google, The New York Times, Forbes, About.com, and many other sites. 

As a money manager and expense tracker, it’s a great budgeting solution. Through real-time tracking, all your information is synced across every platform, whether that’s Android, iPhone, or the web. 

While the main features are free, you can access other valuable tools through a subscription package. For $6.00 a month (or $50 a year), you’re all set to stay on top of your bills and finances. What’s more, you can keep all budgeting partners in the loop with this app. 

  1. PocketGuard

If you are an overspender, then this is an ideal app for you. An algorithm tracks your income and expenses. Depending on your savings goals, it will inform you on how much you can spend each day. 

As you can see, this app is a great budget planner, especially for those who need help controlling expenses. Its easy-to-use interface offers users a glance at their cash flows so that they can track which categories the money has been spent. More importantly, it sets you up on a path to significant savings so that you can secure your future. 

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Furthermore, the app identifies month-to-month spending trends and picks up recurring bills so that you can find better deals- another great way to save! 

While the basic budgeting app is free, you have to purchase PocketGuard Plus to access additional features. You can choose from three plans:  

  • $7.99 a month 
  • $79.99 a year  
  • $99.99 for a lifetime membership 

So it’s time to analyze your spending and build a better budget for yourself. 

  1. Mint

Mint is a one-stop online personal budgeting solution where you can see all your financial details in one place. The app provides accurate information about your savings, credit cards, investments, retirement accounts, and even PayPal accounts.  

One of the most favorable thing about this app is that it analyzes your spending and offers insights into your habits, highlighting aspects where you can improve. So it’s more than just a budgeting tool. 

People like using Mint because it’s a free budgeting software that is super simple to use and is customizable. 

And if you happen to be one of those people who keeps forgetting the due date of your bills, this app will keep you on your toes. Moreover, you can quickly pay bills through Mint. 

  1. Spendee

Spendee is the last app on my list. Like other budgeting apps, it syncs with your bank accounts, automatically downloading transactions and categorizing them. Moreover, you can share your budget with others. 

However, while other apps allow users to track their cash flow, such as cash expenses and bank accounts, in one place, this app also includes e-Wallets and crypto-wallets. So this is an ideal app for those investing in digital currencies. 

The app also helps analyze your financial habits. You can see where the money comes from and where it goes each month through easy-to-understand and straightforward graphics. This identifies accessible opportunities for you to save, whether it’s for a new car, a much-needed vacation, or the house of your dreams. 

But besides all this, some features that users love about Spendee is that the app supports multiple currencies. So it’s a favorite amongst travelers and digital nomads who need help managing their money. Furthermore, alerts and reminders notify users to pay a bill or not to exceed their budget. 

You can access the basic features for free. However, if you need more help with budget management, consider investing in its monthly or yearly package. Remember, all plans come with a 7-day free trial period. 

You can subscribe to Spendee Plus at $1.99 a month or $14.99 a year. But if you need additional features, consider subscribing to Spendee Premium at $2.99 a month or $22.99 a year. 

A word of advice 

Money management is a crucial aspect of our daily lives, especially now when money is a little tighter than it used to be. So while it may seem counterproductive to spend on a budgeting app, paying for one that works for you is an investment well worth it. 

The key is to keep track of how much you spend on subscription services. You’ll be surprised at how quickly these small numbers add up. 

But this is where you need to be vigilant of fraud. airG scam-finding apps can help you locate such apps so you can be easily saved by getting cheated. 

So while apps can help with budgeting, be vary of what apps you use and the level of security the app enforces to protect your sensitive information. 

Over to you 

I’ve created a small roundup of some of the best budgeting apps for you to use. My goal was to focus on functionality, pricing, free trials, and user reviews. 

However, you should not limit your choices to only these. There are numerous others out there that may align better with your needs. So if I happened to miss the budget app you plan on downloading, tell me about it in the comments section below. 

It’s time to get proactive and stress-free about your money. Find the perfect budgeting app today and spend it with a purpose.