The Essential Elements That Make a Website a Great Revenue Generator


Businesses all around the world are realizing the potential of online presence and digital marketing. All kinds of businesses are building websites. From large online stores to small business owners, everyone is there on the World Wide Web or the WWW. The WWW address is the global identity of a business and most of the consumers around the world do make up their mind-set about a company by visiting their website.

There are some who argue that a company with great products and poor website will do well in market, but they always ignore the fact, that the reach of the same company will increase manifolds with a powerful online presence.

To have a powerful presence on the WWW, the website owner has to ensure that their websites have the following properties or qualities

Browser Compatibility

Users all over the world use different browsers, this is a major challenge for the developers. However, good developers do not have any trouble in handling such issues. Your website should have same appearance and functions on all the browsers in the market. There should not be any bugs like blank spaces etc. on your website.


Color is mostly a choice of the business owner. Small companies do not intervene even when a client is making a mistake in making a poor choice. Always keep in mind that there are factors like contrast, readability etc. that are to be considered. So either hire a developer who will intervene when you make a poor choice or get an opinion from an independent third person.

Site Organization

Make browsing through the site, looking for pages very easy to navigate. The users should be able to easily search for the pages and navigate through them.

Images & Multimedia

The images and the multimedia content should be compressed to the maximum possible way while making sure it does not lose the minimum desired quality.

Code Cleanup

The final code that is uploaded for the website should be free from all unnecessary lines of codes, any redundancy and unwanted scripts. This will make the site lighter and will give a better response rate to the site.

Rigorous Testing

The most essential part of a website is testing. A website before making a commercial launch should be rigorously tested for bugs and errors. A failure in this phase might bring up a huge embarrassment to the company.

Most of the big development firms are committed in delivering these qualities in every website they deliver. However, they have a huge price-tag on their products and services. Most of the small business owners do not have that kind of investment capacity, and they are also not interested in paying such huge sums for their websites. This has created a huge market for low cost web solutions market.

Nevertheless, the low cost web development market is very fragile. There are fake sites, unprofessional developers, fraudsters, non-serious freelancers, part-time developers and many more. There is a huge pool of sharks to hunt you down, take away a small sum of money for a poor quality delivery or no delivery at all.

Therefore, it all comes down to finding an innovative solution to provide a low cost development technique that ensures a high quality and value website development at a much cheaper rates and that too coming from a reliable high quality web development company.

Alternatively, you could also check out the websites like Site Zulu which provide innovative site building tools using which you can create quality websites at a much affordable price. Instead of developing the sites for the client, they offer a template based step by step DIY website building tool.

These are called online website builders. The quality delivered by these online website building tools are excellent, and you won’t need programming skills to make professional looking web pages.

Single Vendor Engagement

The sites that provide website building tools also provide all other necessities like domain registration, hosting space etc. Thus, it becomes a single vendor operation. If there is any issue with the site, they cannot blame anyone else. They hold themselves accountable and resolve the issues at the earliest. Moreover, you do not have to contact different personnel for different issues.

Huge Template Options

As you can spend much time on the site to search your own template, you get to choose from a huge set of options. These options enable you to work on a huge number of choices like color, contrast etc. And you are free to choose, no one else is affecting your opinion.

Complete Control on the Website

The website builders give you complete control over the website, that enables you to change the site whenever you want, update the content, add content etc. and that too instantly. As a result, whenever you have time and an idea you can implement that on your website. The large number of tools and choices enable you to experiment freely on your website till you are satisfied.

Highly Affordable

The website builders are highly affordable, most of the times they cost much lesser than an immature developer. So, you get a highly reliable quality, at a much affordable price.

Easy and Intuitive Toolkit

The website development toolkit is very easy to use and intuitive in nature. You have complete control on your website, and the step by step procedure makes it much easier to work on your website.

Great Customer Support

You are entitled to a world class 24×7, customer support when you purchase a website builder subscription from a large organization. The support staff of a large organization can never be compared to that of a small development firm or an individual developer. The 24×7 support is priceless. You can never compare them with developers.

Better Commitment

Even though, the larger companies charge much less for using their website builder, their commitment towards quality and service stands far ahead of a small company or an individual developer, who charge much more. This makes self-building subscriptions much better than hiring a small developer.

Control over your website is priceless. A 24×7 support team to help you out is another such freebie that comes with website building tools. Thus, think twice before hiring a small developer to take control of your website.