Prepare For Cycling Trip With Ease and Avoid Regrets


Nothing is more exciting than a bike trip. If you feel bored, the best way to kill time is by going on solo cycling tours. There are many agencies offering cycling tours. These trips help you relax and are adventurous too. Remote villages can be explored. Such tours give you accurate and detailed information regarding the destinations. Going on group cycle tours gives a clear idea about various cultures.

You get a chance to interact with the locals as well. These trips are not the same as normal ones. It is necessary to carry some important essentials, as such trips are self-dependent. You will be forced to eliminate few items to save storage space. Some important things have to be taken into consideration before going on such trips.

A good touring cycle: When you are planning for a cycle trip, it is essential to get a high quality sports cycle. Regular ones are not suitable for touring. During the trip, you would have to explore tough roads and terrains. Hence, a hard and strong cycle, which has good quality tires is important. Practice riding it on a road around your city before going for the trip. During the tour, you are going to spend most of the time in your saddle. So, get one that you are comfortable with.

Training: You need more training. Expert’s advice is that cyclists should practice riding in full gear until covering 3/4th of the target distance. It is natural to feel drained at the end of the day. You might even wonder whether you will be able to manage tomorrow. Have sound sleep. This eases your tension.

Shoes and Sandals: When going out for biking or cycling adventures, sports shoe is mandatory. These shoes are strong and long lasting and can withstand pressure while cycling. Clip-in and clip less pedals are suitable too. The best way to rest your feet is by taking occasional breaks.

Lots of money: It is important to carry money along with you. See that you won’t be short of money during the tour as you will be travelling alone. Plan your budget before starting the trip. The chances of finding an ATM during your travel are quite rare, so it is wise to carry with you sufficient cash.

Snacks: It is not necessary to carry too many clothes. Instead, you may take snacks and dry fruits with you. Continuous cycling would be tiresome. You have to eat snacks and drink water often to avoid dehydration.

Knowledge about routes: If you are planning to go on an independent tour, it is essential to have knowledge about the routes. If you are travelling as a group, this is not a problem as there are guides to lead you.

Physical Fitness: This is vital for cycling tours. If you do not have the required fitness level, you will find it difficult to ride for a long time. Take a medical test before starting your trip. Don’t forget to carry medicines.

Cycling Jersey: They are useful in holding loose items and look cool too. If you feel that, you are more comfortable with jean shorts and tank tops you may leave out the jersey

Knowledge about bike repair: While going on a solo tour you must have knowledge about repairing your bike. You need to know about replacing punctured tires too. There are online tutorials available to help you out in this regard. Again, if you are going as a group, there will be mechanic throughout the trip.

Bike clothing: Carry clothes that wick away your sweat. Woolen outfits help you feel warm during winter and cool during summer. Most of the places where you halt would have a laundry. Therefore, you do not not have to carry many dresses. Helmet is an important safety element and offers protection from the rain and sun. Padded gloves are more convenient.

Cooking supplies: When touring for a week, you will have to deal with your food. At the same time, do not dump your bag with all cutlery stuff. Take a cooking pot that can also be used as a bowl. The plates can also be used as cutting board.

Solar charger: These cool gadgets charge your phone using sunlight. However, you will mostly find power outlets. Few campsites might not have power outlets, but most of the time you will find one.

Tools Needed: Frame pump, alien and crescent wrenches, extra spokes, extra tubes, pliers, Swiss knife, brake cable and spare nuts.

Bike accessories: Detachable headlamp, helmet, rearview mirror, reflective vest and water pouch.

Essentials: Cash, GPS device, credit cards, mobile phone, IDs, sunglasses, first aid kit, flashlight and PVC rain-suit

Other important equipment: An odometer is required for long trips. Carrying a backpack is uncomfortable. A better alternative is a couple of panniers. Kickstands are useful in areas where it is not possible to park your cycle against an object.

While on a tour, ensure you have a tent, sleeping bag, canned food etc. Learn to use them beforehand. You can also stay in motels if you find it affordable. By staying in motels, you can cut down items you have to carry. You can invite your friend to join the trip too. During group tours, you can pop your luggage in service vehicles. In case you are touring alone, it is better to carry less. Do not get too competitive while riding. You will end up draining all your energy.

You need not worry about keeping up pace. You can ride at your regular speed. Pair up with someone who rides at your speed. This way you will not be bored during the tour. In group tours though mechanical assistance is provided, don’t rely on them too much. Remember to carry your spares and equipment.

Keep eating not only when stopping for breaks but also during the ride. You are likely going to burn loads of calories. With regular intake of food, you won’t feel lightheaded. Do not just stop for fruits and chocolate. When you find a motel, try something savory.

First timers can start by taking group tours. Group tours are arranged by the chain gang in various countries. Visit for more information, if you are into cycling tours