How to design a Good Logo for Business


An attractive logo is one of the business tools for your business. A good logo will help brand your company’s name and help attract new customers. Using an eye-catching logo on your adverts or promotional products will allow your prospective customers to remember seeing a cool logo of your company. Through a good business logo, your customers will quickly identify your company products and services. Furthermore, it makes your business is legitimate and represents your business in the market.

Many companies have grown their market share because of an excellent logo. Consumers see a well-designed website having an attention grabbing logo as a good impression. They always think that this company provides better services than their competition. It is evident that businesses that jump right into their marketing campaigns without logos have failed. To get a logo for your business, it may be wise to seek the help of a professional logo designer who can help guide you in the right direction.

Elements of a good logo design

Scalability- This is the appearance of your logo on different types of media, whether big or small. You should consider how it works in large advertising spread in a newspaper as well as on your business cards. A good logo should be large enough in the first place to print correctly on the surface area you intend to use If your logo is reduced in size, will it still readable? All of these things need to be addressed when coming up with an effective logo design to ensure you have something that is memorable for all the right reasons.

Readability- a perfect logo may appear perfect in terms of colors and shapes, but unless your choice of fonts makes your business name readable, your logo will not be identified. The logo designer needs to take time and try working out different letters. With thousands of possible fonts out there to choose from, it is easy to get carried away with something elaborate or funky.

Consumer psychology- purchaser psychology is another important element in logo design. For instance, a color red may make customers feel hungry. Blue color gives a sense of comfort while black gives a sense of sophistication. Therefore, the tone for a good logo design needs to adopt some psychology in order to get prospective customers in the mood. The Shape is another area where psychological meaning is applied. Rectangular shapes will give a sense of logic. Circled logos give a feeling of togetherness, and femininity while a triangle symbolizes strength and masculinity. Therefore, the logo designers should understand the psychological attitude of clients and be able to choice right colors and shapes. These aspects will have a big impact on how your logo is perceived, what you need to do is find the right combination for your business.

Simplicity- a complicated logo design could be hard to comprehend or remember. Although it may look attractive at first glance, if your customers may not instantly relate it to your products or services. A good logo design should be simple to ease remembrance, interpretation and will make it easier applying to your business media.