Samsung to feature curved display: Galaxy S7


We had already heard of a dual-edge display, but this rumour classified as highly unlikely. Well we have already seen few of the devices from the Samsung that are featuring curved screen and a special one is already launched the Galaxy Note Edge in 2014. And now rumours are suggesting Galaxy S7 Edge, which is a counterpart to the touch Edge, which should appear parallel to the S flagship. We think that is far more realistic, but it would be a logical next step after the announcement of wanting to be flexible and bendable displays forerunner in the field. And after the note Edge is still available internationally against original statements now, an S7 Edge seems not unreasonable.

But before the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge there would be of course the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which is not yet revealed. And its name is also in dilemma, as there could be the Samsung Galaxy S Edge instead of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but the Samsung could only confirm it officially but at present Samsung makes no leaks, we would have to wait for months.

As of the software, Samsung is reportedly working on a completely new version of TouchWiz, which was developed from scratch. Few of the Samsung employees has spoken out and chatted a bit out of school, thus Samsung wants not only update only TouchWiz for the S7, but once again start from scratch and make the producer essay from scratch, which should have a positive impact on performance, especially. You can note it as plus factor of the Samsung Galaxy S7. So we also hear from other sources too that the Galaxy S 7 is to be at the front bloat ware significantly slimmer. All preinstalled additional apps that are not essential and can also be downloaded to disappear accordingly and sounds almost too good to be true.

There is also the first concrete evidence that TouchWiz to get your own theme engine, as sources reported. The user can thus easily select between different styles and also download more. Who does not want the new looks of TouchWiz, could thus easily personalize their smartphones and replace colors, icons and more easily. May be it would begun with the launch of Galaxy S6 and at the time of Galaxy S7, Samsung would have enough to show.

The latest leak from a Chinese forum shows the putative frame of the Galaxy S6. And the new leaked Galaxy S6 seems interesting but again, it is not the very new design, looks similar to that of Samsung Galaxy Note 4. At the launch of Note 4, it was looking that Samsung would totally follow the new design in the smartphones but with little improvements Samsung’s new smartphone could not be called very new in terms of design, Samsung should take serious action for the Samsung Galaxy S7 design and structure.