The Best Race Tracks In The UK


Racing enthusiasts from all over the world will not be disappointed if they plan a trip to visit some of the best race tracks in the UK.  Some tracks are very popular and events sell out rather quickly so it can be advisable to book tickets well in advance of popular races. Here are a few stops to consider when planning your trip.


The iconic Silverstone has been entertaining racing enthusiasts since 1950 and is home to the popular British Grand Prix. Silverstone is a must for anyone touring race tracks in the UK. Formula One legends such as Max Mosley got their start at Silverstone. At 3.6 miles, the Silverstone track is long and offers a lot of challenges for drivers and excitement for race fans. This is a great track to see racing greats such as Lewis Hamilton. With 48 races held annually, there is plenty of opportunity to see a great and memorable race. The British Grand Prix brings many celebrities to the track. Covered seating costs more but can be worth it for those that want to see the whole race in great comfort.


Abingdon is a great track to take a private sports car to for track days. If you are a tourist you can attend a track day to see a myriad of customized exotic cars. Track days are when enthusiasts show their best cars to others and compare cars.  For a low fee you can drive a Mini Coopers S, the Lotus Elise S2, Aston Martin DB9, or the Audi R8. This can be an exciting day out for you and another racing fan that you know.  Abingdon is a 1.8-mile track that offers plenty of space for run offs as well as straights where you can really let loose. A few challenging corners are out there for those that want to see how well their car really handles on a track.


Goodwood offers an outstanding motorsport and aviation museum as well as a world class racing track. Here you can even get behind the wheel or go for a ride in vintage and modern racing cars. This can be a great track for the whole family to visit. Britain has a strong motorsports heritage that is being carried on at Goodwood. The track at Goodwood is also home to The Festival of Speed, a 3-day celebration of all things motorsports. The festival is a great one stop vacation for anyone that loves motorsports. Every type of motorsport is represented from Rally racing to hill climbing and the Formula One circuit.

McLaren Technology Centre

Perhaps one of the most exciting automotive attractions is the famous McLaren Technology Centre, home to McLaren Automotive and some of the highest tech Formula One research. An interview with Antony Sheriff indicates that no short cuts are taken in the manufacture of their auto mobiles. In an age of mass automation this is a rare thing. Visitors can take tours of the famous centre and learn the inside scoop about the latest in racing and what is coming to your favourite tracks.

Planning A Trip

With a bit of planning you can visit many different tracks on a sporting holiday. Reserving track time and lodging ahead of time is highly recommended if you need to stick to a strict schedule. Make sure to pack appropriate attire and gear for a day at the track so you can concentrate on having fun and creating great memories to share back home.