Why Should You Opt For Extended Car Warranty?


First of all we need to know what an extended car warranty is. It is a type of warranty under which you can get your car repaired for any damages that are incurred upon it after the original car warranty offered by the manufacturer to you has expired. In simple words, your car is protected even if the original warranty for the same has expired.

An extended car warranty covers any types of major damages or breakdowns suffered by it. Such a warranty works even if the cost of parts and labor for the car repairs keep on fluctuating. In most of the cases, extended car warranty is purchased prior to expiry of its original warranty from the manufacturer. But this type of warranty can be availed of even if the original warranty expires. Now one may wonder why he/she should opt for extended car warranty. Well, there are multiple reasons for the same as given below.

Guaranteed repair of the car- Having an extended car warranty directly implies that you can get your car repaired at any time for any types of damages or faults even if you are not financially sound at that point of time. It is due to the reason extended car warranty is applicable even after its original warranty from the manufacturer has expired. Therefore any damages or problems that arise after the specified period are covered under extended car warranty and hence help you to get your car repaired at considerably reduced costs.

Extensive warranty coverage- An extended car warranty proves to be extensive warranty coverage for your car. It means it covers other costs too for the repairs apart from those covered by the general warranties offered by the manufacturers or dealers for new or used cars. In simple words, you can get multiple repairs for your car simultaneously without spending huge sums of money provided it has an extended car warranty.

Money saving deal- It is another reason that makes it necessary to have an extended car warranty. You can save lots of money which is otherwise spent in getting your car repaired under normal warranties. It is because extended car warranty is workable for some additional or emergent repairs as well apart from the routine repairs or maintenance. It means you can save lots of money by having an extended car warranty which is otherwise spent in getting the emergent or unusual repairs done for your car.

Considerable increase in the resale value of your car- Although cost or resale value of used cars keep on decreasing with the passage of time however you can still re-sale your car for higher price provided it has extended car warranty. It is because the potential buyer of the car will be rest assured of its repairs and maintenance as it is already insured under extended car warranty. It means the benefits of this type of warranty can be availed by the new buyer as well without making any efforts. So he/she won’t mind paying you little bit higher to get the car.

All these reasons are perhaps enough to make you opt for an extended car. It has multiple benefits in the long run.

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