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Samsung Galaxy Tab S: Overview And Features


Samsung succeeded in smartphones, invented and mastered the concept of phablet and, under tablet section, it was not the best but in 2014, Samsung turned the coin by launching the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. If you are interested in the upcoming samsung galaxy s7 click here.

Without the doubts the Samsung Galaxy Tab S is one of the best tablets in the market and, without doubt, the best Asian presented in the segment. There is 8.4 inch screen model comes to compete directly with the iPad Mini but also feature other with identical specifications and a diagonal of 10.5 inches model. From the point of view of design our sensations are found. The tablet design follows the lines that we saw in the excellent Samsung Galaxy S5 features a full back cover small holes in a nice touch, but convincing from the aesthetic point of view. Choosing a gold metal frame does not seem right and we would have preferred something more classic, although it is true that there will be individuals who dare to draw this differentiation from the competition. In any case, there is another model in white.

Regarding build quality product is notable; Samsung engineers have managed to mount a tablet with latest generation chassis only 6.6 mm thick (iPad Mini Retina measures 7.5 mm.) and only 465 grams. Against the system of retractable sleeve anchors seems much more cumbersome than a simple magnets (such as using part of their competence) and susceptible to deteriorate over time. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S boasts the best screen tablet market. The Super AMOLED panel technology offers a native resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, no less than 359 pixels per inch (again, the iPad Mini stays at 324). Beyond the brutal resolution, excellent brightness and vividness of colors (without the usual excessive devices from other manufacturers) result in a tablet that can be used outdoors and makes it an ideal companion for multimedia use.

Another beast thing could be found in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S is its processor of Samsung Exynos 5 Octa. And this processor carries two pairs of quad-core processor, one pair could be clocked up to 1.9 GHz and another pair reaches up to 1.3 GHz. Also, worth mentioning is the RAM of the tablet to be 3GB RAM and storage reaches to 16GB but it could be expendable with the present microSD card slot. And this all reaches above the level of iPad Air 2 which comes with non-removable battery, good resolution, slimmer profile and good performance. In the price again, Tab S is the winner.

This tablet belongs to the higher performance level, and if you budget is little low you can go with the Samsung Galaxy Tab series and the good news is, Samsung is going to launch the fifth generation the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 very soon and without the doubts its price would be pretty low and Samsung would manage the good performance hardware to give in the mid-range price tag.