How To Buy A Used Luxury Car


If you already own a luxury car and want to buy a new one, or you do not have a large budget, then the most obvious and best way to start is to go for a used one. Owning a second-hand luxury car has number of advantages.

One can enjoy the status of owning a top quality brand without paying the high price of a brand new car. The car’s depreciation makes it available at a lower price. You can, of course, buy any used car, but other less luxurious ones tend not to deliver as good a performance. The higher standard of technology that comes with luxury cars, along with other features, such as beauty, comfort, customisation, interiors, and entertainment, makes driving much easier. The luxury car also maintains its resale value and sells quickly when you want to change cars again.

Each year, vehicle valuation company, Kelley Blue Book, rates cars with the best resale values in their class. In 2009, eight out of 15 segment winners came from a luxury brand, or cost more than $30,000. Standouts included the distinctive and quick-selling Mini Cooper, which starts at $18,700, but is one of the most expensive options in the compact class and is made by luxury manufacturer, BMW. Other winners were the high-performance $76,840 Nissan GT-R and $40,240 Cadillac CTS sedan.

Other popular used luxury cars include the BMW 2-Series Sedan, Lexus 1S520, Mercedex Benx C Class. All three are manufactured with modern technology and safety features.

2005 and 2007 BMW 3-Series

Many drivers go for the BMW 3-series in the sedan category because of its fantastic control. It has quality interiors, plenty of room and a full-bodied security system. The 320i, which was introduced in 2007, added many more features but did not perform so well. It had an optional novelty package that compromised Sat Nav and a USB interface for the stereo.

2008 Lexus IS250 Prestige

The newer model has outperformed many of the conventional alternatives on the market. It has desirable features, such as astylish exterior and interior and heated/cooled leather seats, even in basic Prestige type. This car was voted the finest luxury car in the 2006 Drive Car of the Year awards.

2007 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The model is sophisticated, with an advanced  4-cylinder petrol engine and lots of safety features.