Old Briggs & Stratton Generators Can Have Many Issues

Old Briggs & Stratton Generators Can Have Many Issues


Many of us like a diesel generator as it is the most affordable. It generates the power we need to run our appliances and tools for much less. Here we discuss the various problems a diesel generator may have and its solutions:

When you run any type of machine it will go through some wear and tear which reduces its life. In some instances, the machine will stop to function unless you are aware of the problem. The best thing to do is to try to understand your generator and how it operates. It will be a lot easier for you to do the service on your own so it gives an optimal performance every time you run it.

The diesel-powered electric generators may get wet stacking. It is caused due to the collection of unburned fuel in the exhaust system. If your load is too light the engine will run at a low speed and it will not run at the ideal operating temperatures.

If you see bluish smoke emanating from your engine it means your oil is burning. Your unit can consume a lot of engine oil if the rings are not seated well or are worn out. It enters the combustion chamber and causes smoking. The main problem in wet stacking is the poor seating of rings. You can get the gooey residue around the exhaust and the valve seals as well. This means you have not been adding enough load to your generator.

When you buy a generator do run enough appliances to prevent wet stacking. Your engine has to run at high speeds so it can heat up well. The problem is worse with worn-out engines so it is good to get a new generator if you have an old unit that has the wet stacking problem. The new models use very little fuel as compared to an old generator that has the worn out rings and deteriorating valve seals. If you see blue smoke softens get the engine checked out as it may need a rebuild.

If your diesel engine is consuming too much diesel there may be a problem that you are not familiar with. If you see the black sooty smoke emanating from your unit it means the motor is burning a lot more fuel than is necessary. A diesel engine is designed to burn less fuel and all engines are designed to speed up if the fuel consumption is high and vice versa. If more fuel is injected into the engine it will have more speed. In a gasoline engine, there are throttle valves that make a vacuum but in diesel engines, there are no such valves. In it, the air flows to the engine and with more fuel, there is more torque. When you see black smoke coming from your unit the load is low and the excessive oil is being burnt.

Sometimes the engines get hot and in such a situation you will have to check the coolant level. When this level is low it is normal for the engine to heat up so add some more coolant. It is a good habit to check the levels of the coolant, lubricating oil, and fuel before you start the old Briggs & Stratton generators.

If you have thick oil in the generator you may be faced with a cold start. Those who live in a cold climate get a block heater and you will need the same to ensure your generator starts easily without much of a hassle. This will save you from a lot of frustration and will also save time. The block heater will thin the oil by heating it and the unit will start easily.

Any engine can have leaks when it gets old. With the wear and tear the unit takes, there can be simple problems that you can handle on your own. The diesel engines vibrate a lot and due to age the seals and gaskets can deteriorate as well. To prevent leaks you will need to change the coolant hoses every two years. Leaks can be caused by wet stacking, O-ring, seal, and gasket failures.

If you do not know how to change the coolant hoses you may get professional help online.
If you have a hard start-up there could be a check valve failure for a leak causing it. If your fuel gauge fails you may not get an accurate account of the fuel level and this could be very detrimental for the health of your unit. It is a good idea to get your generator serviced so it will give you optimal performance when you need it the most.

Before you start the generator give it a visual check. Running the generator at the proper fuel, oil, and coolant level can prevent many problems. Keep some extra diesel in stock and refuel it when the fuel level is low. All Briggs & Stratton generators perform efficiently and reliably when you give them the care they deserve.

When your old generator has many issues buy a new one. Always buy a model that has a longer run time at 50% load. Your model should have the right type of outlets. Choose the one that has more outlets and is lightweight.