Combine The Power Of Taxi App and Delivery App In to A Single Business Solution

Combine The Power Of Taxi App and Delivery App In to A Single Business Solution


When it comes to starting your own business, every entrepreneur harbors the dream of accomplishing the most at the least expense. The era that we live in is ruled by on demand services made available easily through smart phone apps and that is exactly what most entrepreneurs are doing. While many have opted to build their own business on the lines of Uber taxi app there are others who have chosen platforms like Postmates clones, Swiggy Clone and Zomato Clone to build their entrepreneurial ventures. However, if you had the power of combining these two or three types of app into one and making the whole thing into a single business proposition?

Well, don’t worry, that is no longer a dream. With the help of an advanced Taxi +Delivery app, you can achieve just that. Wondering where you can find something of this sort? Well, let’s get right into it and discuss the infinite possibilities when you merge a Taxi app with functional delivery options and food delivery apps. 

What are the three business types you can aim for?

A combination app can be a little difficult to understand. This is why; we must attempt to first break down the different businesses within it and then explore how to secure such an app for your business. 

The Taxi Component

Combine The Power Of Taxi App and Delivery App In to A Single Business Solution

Ever since Uber made its entry in the market, everyone has become quite familiar with the idea of what an on demand taxi booking solution can look like. This part of the app functions more or less like the Uber app itself. This s why; it is referred to as the Uber Clone app. 

The user selects the option of taxi booking, enters their desired destination and pick up location and then is presented with a list of different vehicles at their disposal in their area. They can select from a range of options like Moto (for bikes), hatchbacks, sedans, luxury cars and SUVs based on the number of people traveling, and, of course, their budget.

The Delivery Component

This section of the app allows people to send across parcels from one place to another. This means a user can download and register in to the app and then select the delivery option. After this they will have the option of filling out the parcel pick up point and delivery point or points. The user may choose to send a parcel to just one location, i.e., from point A to point B, or, they can send it to multiple locations, such as, point A to point B, C, D, and E. 

Regardless of whether your user wants to send across an envelope or a hundred bags of cement, the app will enable them to do so, by giving them the choice of selecting the vehicle type for delivery. They can choose a bicycle, car or even truck, depending upon what they want to send across. 

The Food Delivery Component

This section works pretty much like the Swiggy or the Zomato App. The User downloads and logs in to the app and then can see a list of restaurants within their area. They can use a filter to search based on area, food item, cuisine, etc. 

Once they decide which restaurant they want to place an order on, they can select it to see the menu. They may now choose the items that they would like to place an order for and add them to their cart. Once they are finished choosing, they can go to their cart and checkout by making the payment. The app will enable the user to put in a delivery address, to which a delivery driver will go and delivery the particular order. 

One App for Everything

These services as mentioned above are ones that people need in their daily lives. By combining them within a particular single application, you help the user to ensure that their phones are not cluttered with too many applications. 

What’s more, you can also ply your users with different promotional offers and discounts which are transferable from one service to another. Having this on demand multi service app is just the first step. Once you get it, you may use it as creatively to ensure that your users are engaged and loyal to your brand. 

Only Choose the Best Apps

Businesses are complicated institutions. People want to pay less but get more. Some like to call it more bang for their buck. This is probably the biggest reason why many entrepreneurs fail to choose the right option since they are worried about the budget. 

However, become aware that a one time spending can save you a boat load of expenditure in the future. Only opt for a reliable on demand white label mobile app Development Company to build these apps for you so that you can get the best option in the market.