05 Platforms That Immigrants In Australia Should Join to Get Instant Jobs

05 Platforms That Immigrants In Australia Should Join to Get Instant Jobs


There’s a lot of things that will remind you of the easy life back home when living abroad. But job searching as an immigrant in any country is probably the toughest thing that you will have to face. And unless you are highly skilled or are a permanent resident, chances are you will have to look for new jobs more often than your peers. Most of the times your decision of changing your job is not influenced by your preferences, rather your situation.

For example, for fresh immigrants whose status is yet to be confirmed. An immigrant might change jobs to work in an industry for which the government has announced ease in immigration for foreigners due to shortage of workers in the industry. Similarly, you might have to move from a city and move to a suburb to have a better chance for strengthening your case.

Immigration rules constantly change in Australia. You can use the following sources to stay up to date with the changes in policies for Immigration in Australia

Whatever reasons you may have as an Immigrant in Australia for changing jobs, it’s going to hurt. But don’t worry, that’s what we are here to help you with. Here’s a list of resources that can ease your job hunt in Australia and help Immigrants in Australia find jobs according to their preferences, situations, and skillsets.

  1. Adzuna
    Adzuna is a great platform for finding jobs anywhere in Australia. The employers are actually paying for the jobs they post. So as an immigrant you don’t have to worry about uploading to a job post no one might actually be checking back on.
    Then there is the ValueMyCV This feature allows you to upload your CV and get an evaluation of it’s worth. If you’re not really sure of your value in a new market, this might be a helpful tool to save you from underselling your skills.
  2. Indeed
    A global name in the job-hunting community. Indeed is just as trusted & useful in Australia. With over 10,000 Australian jobs posted every month, you have a great chance of finding your ideal job on this platform.
  3. CareerOne
    CareerOne is great platform for job seekers not only because of a great number of jobs that are posted here every month. As a job seeker you can also get career advice from senior professionals to help you in your journey. Another great feature is one it shares with Adzuna, that is CV evaluation. You can get your CV evaluated for worth and quality.
  4. LinkedIn
    This one is probably a no brainer, but in no way skipable. LinkedIn has a huge potential when used in the right ways. Of course, there are thousands of jobs you can apply to right away. The diversity of the jobs is maximum on this platform. Starting from entry level jobs in startups to Senior Positions in Fortune 500 companies, you can find them all there in one place. But the real strength of LinkedIn lies in making professional providing and adding value to the platform and your connections and wait for that to come back to you as good karma.
  5. Seek
    As one the most famous platforms for jobseekers in Australia, Seek is a great place for you to find your ideal job. Seek provides a company review board, where candidates can read employee testimonials to help them decide if they’d be a good fit saving you the time of applying to jobs that you were to later find out were not the best fits for you.

Bonus sources:

Niching down is good, almost always. Similar is the case with these bonus sources. These are industry specific platforms that are dedicated to individual industries. Making them a better choice if you belong to those industries. Obviously, someone posting a job on Indeed doesn’t expect gardeners to apply for their plumbing job, but they can’t really stop that from happening either. Therefore, people who post jobs on these platforms expect better audience from these sources, and in most cases its true.

Fixezi-The app for Trades Jobs in Sydney, Australia

Trades jobs are among the highest paid jobs in Australia. If you as an immigrant in Australia are skilled in a trade, you can make good money, have a favorable visa/migration process. But you do need to have an Australian certification for that trade

Fixezi-The app of all trades as they like to call themselves is the best source of jobs for you in Australia if you have any Trades skill. Fixezi, unlike it’s competitor Trades jobs platforms doesn’t charge users a penny till they get a job through the app. Even then, Fixezi only charges $9 for a job that you acquire from the platform regardless of the total job value. Meaning you pay $9 for a $300 job, you still pay $9 if it’s a $900 job, and yep, it’s the same $9 for a $1900 job.


As the name suggests, ArtsHub is the hub for anyone interested in or related to the creative Industry in any way. ArtsHub provides users with the latest industry news, keeping them up to date with the trends, and the reason it’s mentioned in this list, provides jobs. If you’re operating in a creative industry (like publishing, fine arts or cultural events), this is the most niched down platform you will find for yourself.

Best of luck in finding a great job that serves all your requirements. Do keep in mind that these resources will help you out a lot, but it’s still a tough journey. And as an immigrant it can be tougher than the rest of the population around you. You still might have to face rejection but take it as a challenge and keep pushing till you’ve made your place.

As per a Famous Japanese Proverb “Fall seven times, stand up eight.” 

And here’s a fine example of this, an immigrant who went from flipping burgers in the USA to becoming a Billionaire. You can checkout the story of Shahid Khan on wikipedia.