6 Ways to Create A Healthier Home

6 Ways to Create A Healthier Home


Our home should be the most pleasant place we spend our time at. To make it feel so, there are numerous things we could do and some of them will be mentioned in this article. The reason why we should feel pleasant at our home is not just because we need a nice place to rest. It is because our mental health gains benefits from it and that the way our body’s welfare increases too. 

Purify the Air

We spend enough time in the open air where the air tends to be pretty polluted unless you’re lucky to live in a place with nature intact. The offices where we work are not always the cleanest places either. Let’s make our homes clean, fresh, and cozy to compensate for that. You can do so by getting an air purifier. Air purifies can help you mitigate the risk of getting lung or heart disease. Bear in mind that the particles are sometimes too small so they cannot be filtered out in the end. Additionally, you can get a humidifier and maintain the optimal level of humidity.

Control the Chemicals

You probably have some house plants in your home. This means that you might be using some pesticides. Try to reduce the usage of heavy chemical pesticides and opt for some more natural options. Also, another type of chemical product that we regularly use is cleaning products. Chemical-based cleaners should be avoided. Instead of these harmful products, you can use calming essential oils or basic soap that cleans well and it is not harmful to your skin or respiratory organs.

Control the Light

Your house should be light enough so you can avoid using artificial light excessively. Artificial light is not good for your eyes or sleeping habits. Of course, it will have to be used in the moments when the natural light is gone, but try to reduce it. When you sleep, the artificial light should be blocked, so get some blinds or curtains that can also be decorative. An eye mask is an excellent little tool that can help you. Bear in mind that a night of bad sleep can cause a lot of health issues such as obesity, cancer, and mental illnesses among others. This goes for your screen time as well. Reduce TV or smartphone hours as well.

Clean Furniture and Floors

Make sure your furniture and floor are not prone to accumulate dust and that you can clean them easily daily. Laminate flooring is good because it is ecological and very easy to maintain. That way you are helping the environment and reducing the usage of unhealthy chemicals for cleaning. It’s a double gain. Frequent exposure to dust, whether it comes from your furniture or your floors can cause many diseases like allergies and asthma, so make sure you clean all the areas of your home and change your pillowcases regularly.

Filter the Water

Now that you have read about the cleaning of the air and all the areas of your home, it is time to pay attention to the water since it is the most important beverage that we intake daily not only because of drinking it but also because we use it to cook all our meals. A water filter can help you drink cleaner water and get rid of lead, chlorine, pesticides, or E.coli.

Plant the Garden

The final touch of creating a wonderful home is a garden that should allow you to always have a peaceful corner for yourself and fresh air as well. If you live in a house, landscaping is your thing, you can make the environment even more vivid with some nice flowers or gedges. If you live in an apartment, then use your balcony despite its small size and grow some flowers as well.

Everything is set for you to start arranging your home and make it cleaner and healthier. Organize your space properly and work on every aspect of this. Take care of water, air, and your home decoration as well. Special attention should be made to the furniture and floors since busy people don’t get too much time to clean them, so make sure they are easy to maintain like those laminate floors we mentioned earlier. This way you will enjoy a pleasant time, be more relaxed and won’t spend so much time using unhealthy cleaning products.

Store your Foods in Glass Containers

Plastic food containers have gained a lot of popularity over the last few decades. They are very affordable and convenient, but you know what? Those containers are usually made from cheap plastic that isn’t safe for use. It contains toxic chemicals that can disturb your hormones and even cause cancer! It’s because plastic releases those toxins into your food every time you use these containers. To save your health and overall well-being, you should definitely switch from plastic to glass food containers. Glass is both recyclable and reusable, and it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. It’s a much safer choice, so bear that in mind and give it a fair shot!

As you can tell, there are so many great ways to create a healthier home environment, and these five are the best ones out there. All you need to do is to be persistent and stick to our tips no matter what. Once you do that, success is guaranteed!

Clean Out your Pantry Regularly

Cleaning out your pantry regularly is an absolute must when you’re trying your best to embrace healthy lifestyle habits. And what does that really mean? Well, it means that you should get rid of all foods that can do more harm than good. Firstly, there are unhealthy snacks and junk foods that are rich in empty calories and artificially added sugars. Yes, we know that these are very delicious – but it’s because of synthetic flavour enhancers in them! When such foods become a part of your everyday diet, you can expect to gain unwanted weight and compromise your health in the long run. It’s the last thing you want, so clean out your pantry and you’ll see an amazing improvement!