Discover the Many Benefits of Sola Wood Flowers

Discover The Many Benefits Of Sola Wood Flowers


Sola wood flowers, also called shola, are a sustainable alternative to cut flowers. Made from the wood of the fast-growing Aeschynomene Aspera plant, these beautiful and oh-so realistic blooms are unlike any faux flowers you’ve ever seen before.

Thanks to the artisanal process of making wooden flower petals by hand from thin sheets of sola wood, each flower is as unique and perfectly crafted as anything made by nature. But while you’ll marvel at the realistic look of sola wood flowers, their appearance is only one of the many benefits they offer.

Want to know why sola wood flowers are the right choice for you? Keep reading to learn more!

Last Forever

One of the main advantages of sola wooden flowers is how long they last. While cut flowers have a limited lifespan of a week or so, wood flowers will continue to brighten up your home for years or even decades to come.

Because of their never-ending lifespan, many brides are now choosing selections of sola flowers from for their wedding bouquet. Wood flowers for a wedding are the perfect choice since you can arrange them weeks or even months in advance. This avoids the stress of leaving your wedding flowers to the last minute to keep them looking fresh. And, you can use this extra time to get your arrangement just right. The same goes for bridesmaids’ bouquets, corsages, and floral crowns.

And, since wooden flowers last forever, you won’t need to pay for an expensive bouquet preservation service to keep your bridal bouquet looking as good as it did the day you walked down the aisle.

Easy to Care For

Wooden flowers look as delicate as cut flowers but they are far stronger and more resilient, making them super easy to care for. In fact, they’re even simple to reshape if they get squashed in transit.

Although sola flower vendors go to great lengths to get your flowers to you in pristine condition, you might find that some arrive a little squished from the box. Luckily, it’s super easy to shape wooden flowers and get them looking perfect again.

All you need to do is spray a little tap water on the petals. You can then use your fingers to tease the flower back into shape.


The Aeschynomene Aspera plant used to make sola flowers is widespread across several Asian countries and grows so fast that it is seen as an inexhaustible resource.

As well as coming from an abundant, renewable source, these wooden flowers are also biodegradable. And, compared to the intense and aggressive cut flower industry, the manufacturing and distribution processes of handmade sola flowers is far less harmful to the environment.

Realistic Appearance

For those of you who have never seen sola flowers in the flesh, it might be hard to imagine that wood flowers could look so much like cut flowers. But if you’ve been to a wedding recently, you might have seen or held sola flowers there – you just didn’t know it!

Brides and their guests are often surprised at how sola flowers can look so realistic. Many people can’t even tell them apart from cut flowers.

Dyeing techniques can replicate the exact patterns and colors of cut flowers, giving sola flowers a more natural and convincing look than ever before. But, unlike cut flowers, wooden flowers don’t begin to drop the moment they’re arranged.

No Risk of Allergies

If trips to the woods, flowers, or cut grass gets your allergies going, you’ll be pleased to hear that there is no risk of allergies with sola flowers.

For what could be the first time, wooden flowers allow people with flower or pollen allergies to brighten their homes with lifelike blooms. Sola flowers also remove the risk of aggravating the allergies of a guest at a wedding or other social event who may have had a reaction to an arrangement of cut flowers.

Excellent Value for Money

Whether you buy wood flowers in bulk for an event or select a few stems for your home, sola flowers offer excellent value for money.

While it’s true that the initial expense of a bouquet of sola flowers will be more than the average bunch of cut flowers, real flowers soon lose their charm and need replacing. Within a few weeks, your sola flowers will have paid for themselves, offering long-lasting value and decorative appeal.

And buying wood flowers for your wedding is an even smarter financial choice. Often, getting the right cut flowers for your wedding bouquet can mean getting off-season blooms flown in from all over the world. And, since sola flowers last forever, you can reuse your bridal bouquet in your home or for upcoming events, saving you money on future decor.

Endless Options

You can now find sola wood flowers in over 150 different flower styles. As such, any kind of bouquet or centerpiece you can create with cut flowers can now be achieved with sola.

From there, you can then get your sola flower selection dyed to match your bridal colors to the exact shade – something that would be tricky to do with cut flowers! This also means you can have any kind of flower in any kind of color, even ones that you can’t find in nature.

You can also add oil-based scents to replicate the fragrance of cut flowers too. Of course, the fragrance doesn’t have to match that of the flower. If you love lilies but prefer the smell of roses, you can make that happen with sola!

The Benefits of Sola Wood Flowers

It’s clear to see that there’s more to sola wood flowers than meets the eye.

Their realistic appearance makes them a desirable and attractive option for your home or wedding. But, swapping cut flowers for sola flowers also means no allergies, less waste, long-lasting decor, and a more affordable choice.

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