Use These 7 Instagram Photo Tips For The Perfect Post

Use These 7 Instagram Photo Tips For The Perfect Post


There are now 1 billion active users on Instagram, so if you want your posts to be seen, you need to make sure that they’re perfect.

What goes into creating the perfect Instagram photo and making the post?

Well, there are tons of different things that you can do to make sure that your photos come out flawless and that you make the best post possible.

If your goal is to gain the most followers, get tons of likes, or even get a lot of comments, then we have the best Instagram photo tips for you!

Keep reading for our guide on seven Instagram photo tips and tricks you can use to get the perfect post every time.

1. Lighting

No one likes a dark picture where they can’t see the face of the person in it. Make sure that you pay close attention to the lighting in the room when you’re taking your Instagram photos.

The best lighting for taking Instagram pictures is soft lighting where it is not too bright. This way you’ll be able to edit your pictures much better. You can choose to add a bit more brightness to them if they’re still too dark Submission Sites List 2020.

Many people prefer to take their Instagram photos outside during the golden hour. The golden hour is typically the last hours right before the sunsets. It gives off the perfect amount of light to take beautiful Instagram photos that your followers will love.

2. Know Your Angles

One of the greatest Instagram photography tips is knowing your angles. Most people are shooting with their smartphones meaning that it is possible to get up close and personal with lots of different objects.

Try shooting at different angles that you normally wouldn’t take a picture from. Get up high or down low when taking a picture. Experimenting with angles is an awesome trick that can attract people to your Instagram feed.

If you’re creative with your Instagram photos, then people are going to take note of that.

3. Try the Rule of Thirds

When taking photos for Instagram try to think like a photographer. One rule that photographers follow when taking photos is the rule of thirds.

This rule divides your photo into a 3×3 grid. Usually, the subject will be off to the side and balanced by another object that is also in the frame.

Thinking this way can help you to start taking more interesting pictures for your Instagram feed. You can turn on the gridlines in your camera and start practicing lining up certain photos.

4. Crop Your Pictures

Back in the day, Instagram users didn’t have much choice when it came to the way they cropped their photos. The only Instagram size you were only able to upload was square photos. Now Instagram gives you the ability to upload portrait, square, and landscape images.

One of the best Instagram tips for when you’re posting your image is to make sure that you compose it correctly. Here are the different Instagram sizes that you can post on Instagram currently:

  • Square images: 1080px by 1080px – 1:1 aspect ratio
  • Portrait images: 1080px by 1350px – 4:5 aspect ratio
  • Landscape images: 1080px by 566px – 2:3 aspect ratio

Check out this complete guide for the optimal Instagram size for each one of your posts.

5. Editing Your Photo

Instagram has editing software built into the app. There are lots of filters you can choose from. Yet, many people decide to go a different route when editing their photos to post on Instagram.

There are tons of different apps in the app store that you can download to help you edit your photos. Some of the best are VSCO, Afterlight, or Lightroom.

A lot of photographers choose to edit their photos in Adobe Lightroom because there are tons of editing capabilities. The desktop version of Lightroom does require a paid subscription but you can get the mobile version for free.

Lightroom will let you change the brightness, hues, saturation and so much more! It lets you take your photo to the next level.

6. Use Hashtags

After you’ve taken the perfect Instagram photo and you’re ready to post it, you need a way to attract followers to your feed. Using the right hashtags can help people not following you to see your Instagram pictures.

If you use hashtags the wrong way, then you might notice an influx of spam comments and follows from bots on Instagram.

Try to avoid using the overused and simple hashtags. Your images are going to get buried here and not seen by the right people. You might get one or two likes by posting in the #photographer hashtag, but you want to target the right hashtags.

Instead, find more specific hashtags to target for your posts. This way more people will be able to see your Instagram posts.

Lastly, be sure to include your hashtags at the bottom of your description. Try and limit yourself to fifteen or fewer hashtags because you don’t want to go overboard.

7. Don’t Stop Posting

If your goal on Instagram is to get more followers or likes on all your Instagram posts, then you can’t stop posting. Staying consistent is key to gaining attention on Instagram so make sure that you keep getting out there and taking photos. Also try instagram story download.

The cool thing about Instagram is that you don’t need to post on your main feed to stay active anymore. The stories feature is a great way for you to post other photos and interact with your followers.

Plus, these photos disappear after twenty-four hours so they don’t have to be your best!

Make sure that you’re posting something every single day and staying consistent on Instagram. This is the best way to help you grow and remain active on your account.

Instagram Photo Tips and Tricks

There is a lot that goes into taking and posting the perfect Instagram picture. Be sure to use these Instagram photo tips and tricks the next time you’re trying to get the perfect picture to post on your Instagram feed.

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