Tips For Prepping Your Vacation Rental For Each Season

Tips For Prepping Your Vacation Rental For Each Season


Renting out a vacation home can be a highly rewarding business if you know how to do it right. Finding return clients and booking new ones is about more than keeping track of your finances and posting availabilities on social media. You also have to make the property a great place to stay throughout the year.

Check out six easy tips for prepping your vacation rental during each season. They’ll make any property an excellent place for guests and keep everything updated as the years fly by:

Complete a Thorough Cleaning

If your rental isn’t in the same place you live, you should research its location to learn about the allergy seasons there. Guests may not want to travel if they think they’ll arrive at a neglected property covered in pollen, ragweed, or mold spores.

Schedule occasional trips to the property and complete a thorough cleaning. Hose off exterior features, wipe down the lining of each window and replace the air filters. The extra effort will clear the property of allergens so more guests can vacation comfortably.

Replace Old Belongings

Consider what guests will use at your vacation rental and replace anything old or broken. Dirty beach toys and weathered fall patio furniture are easy to swap with new alternatives. When future visitors reach for amenities around the house, they won’t become disgusted by dirty belongings or unusable furniture.

Check All Appliances

Between each guest or after slow periods, check all appliances so you know everything works. Your property will be useless in the winter if the heater’s broken, so inspect things like your HVAC unit, refrigerator, oven, and more. A quick fix will prevent bad reviews and disgruntled renters from ruining your property’s reputation.

Invite Spring Indoors

Sometimes people want to embrace the season even if they’re indoors. Spring is one of the few times each year when everyone searches for the first blossoms and relishes the promising rays of warm sunshine. You’ll set the best atmosphere by inviting the season indoors.

With just a few tips, you can make your home feel like spring with fresh flowers and bright decor. Hang sheer curtains to emphasize natural lighting and clean up your landscaping. The indoor and outdoor seasonal touches will help every visitor feel happier as soon as they enter your rental home.

Remove Past Seasonal Things

When you decorated your rental home with pumpkins or placed peppermint-scented soaps in every bathroom, it was exciting to usher in the new seasons. Don’t forget to remove those things as the months go on.

Guests will find it odd to have Christmas garlands around the house in March or St. Patrick’s Day decorations in the living room in July. Even if you don’t immediately replace them with other decorations, a slightly emptier environment is more welcoming than one that demonstrates weeks or months of neglect.

Include Local Activities

After people arrive at your rental property, what will they want to do? Different local events and experiences happen every season, so leave a list of regional activities. Guests might want to go to the famous pumpkin patch across town, sample summer beer at a nearby brewery or watch a Christmas parade downtown. They’ll appreciate you pointing these seasonal things out so they can make their trip even more memorable.

Schedule Your Prepping

You might want to prep your vacation rental for each season now, but will you remember your plans after months pass you by? Schedule your preparations now by writing your goals down on a calendar. You’ll avoid forgetting anything you want to do, and your guests will love the effort you put into making your rental a wonderful place to visit.

Image Source: Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

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