Manual Workouts With Punch Bags by TurnerMAX


Punch bags are primarily practice bags. They promote inexpensive training and without them the whole exercise would have become very expensive and unaffordable for most of the players. TurnerMAX punch bags facilitate boxing, Muay Thai, kick boxing, martial arts and MMA, they all depend on punching bags. Just as oxygen is essential for human beings to live, similarly punch bags are essential for practicing boxers. If they are not available, the boxers would suffer a great deal both in terms of money and training.

Types of Punch Bags:

They serve different training objectives. They are of different styles: standing & hanging types, upper cut bags, speed bags, double-ended bags, maize bags and angled heavy bags. The choice of purchasing these bags depends on the player or fighter. It also depends on the type of training they would like to have.

Heavy Punch Bags:

They are used for boxing which requires strength and which is meant to make the muscles stronger. A model heavy bag is made of strong and durable leather and it comes in various sizes and weights. There are boxing punching bags, outdoor punch bags, stand up punching bags. The heavy bags will offer resistance to the opponent. These are found in two major types: Standing bags and hanging bags.

Standing bags stand on the floor and the hanging bags are hung from a hook or bracket in the wall. These bags can be filled with water and sand. Water is preferable to sand because it will have more resistance and will be less damaging to the player’s hands. Nevertheless sand bags are preferred as a more durable and strong choice. They are needed for kicking workouts.

Manual Workouts With Punch Bags by TurnerMAX

Stand up punching bag or free standing punching bag sits on top of a stand. The stand is usually operated by wheels which make it more flexible and pliable as it can be moved to different parts of the workout room. Therefore it is the hands-on choice for training.

Hanging punch bags: They behave differently and probably in two ways. They are dangled from a ceiling or a linked to a wall. In the first case they will offer an all side surface to the punchers or to the trainees. Since they are stable at the top, they have the most popular feedback for simple punching, strength punching and speed punching.

Upper Cut Punch Bags:

These are miniature heavy bags. These punching bags are horizontally placed at the waist level of the fighter and then the punches go up under the chin. They are fixed and not easily movable.

Speed Bags:

They are small bags filled with air and are generally linked with quick punching workouts. They help the fighter to develop a sense of timing. They should be mounted on a wall or ceiling and ensures a perfect hand-eye coordination, rhythm and speed as is obvious from the very name of the bags.

Double-ended Bags:

They are almost the size of a basketball and they are held between two points, the floor and the ceiling with two strings. They function more or less like the speed bag because they snap back instantly when they are hit. The fighter practices dodging and deviating and in this way he learns to coordinate between the hand and the eye.

Maize Bags:

They resemble a tear-drop and it is filled with maize. They are outstandingpiece of equipment as they enable the fighter to deliver strong hooks and upper cuts at very short range. They are available in a variety of colours and sizes. The small size is roughly 15 kg and the large size is roughly 30 kg. The small version allows swinging, slipping, ducking and rolling but they can’t be struck with the force to which the larger version is susceptible. The maize bags are not so practical for using in different rounds. If I had a choice I would prefer a heavy bag rather than a maize bag.

Angled Heavy Bags:

They are a middle ground between the traditional heavy punch bag and the maize bag. They also pave the way between a range of upper cuts and hooks. Because of their shape and design, they are more convenient and practical for a number of rounds. If you have to buy only one bag then you must buy a TurnerMAX angled heavy bag.

Proper Weight and Material:

When you buy a punching bag, you should note its weight and the material it is made of. It is very important for you that you use the proper weight for your punching bag. An over heavy bag will not result in the most effective workout. An over light bag are most likely to harm your fingers and knuckles. Therefore it is essential for you to choose the right weight and material for the bag.

Material used in the Bags:

Punching bags are generally made of two materials. The materials have their own respective advantages. Leather bags are most natural and comfortable. The leather bags have more built in flexibility that is why they provide a boxing experience like no other.

The other type is vinyl. They are more or less like leather but they are not as comfortable and practical. They are not as costly as leather bags. This material is suitable for outdoor punch bags where there are chances of rain and these bags would keep dry even when rain is pouring down cats and dogs.


Turner Sports UK provides the best boxing equipment and new players or novices are advised to buy TurnerMAX equipment as they have been tried and tested over a long span and are very reliable. They are known for making the best punch bags and so far they stand unrivaled.