Top 5 Popular Career Options In Science and Technology


Science has been prevalent in our lives ever since humanity existed. Whether we are conscious of it or not, it is an undeniable part of our lives and our very own existence. Science and technology is a lucrative field, and every day technological innovations are being made which has led to the increase in career opportunities in this field. Science and Technology is a diverse field where professionals work in a range of technologies. The concepts of developing the fields such as healthcare, engineering and Information technology are also taken from science and technology practices. It can be easily observed how science and technology influences in our day to day lives. There has been remarkable growth in this sector over the past few decades in India, which has also opened various opportunitiesof career options in this field that can be taken up by students.

The following are some of the most popular career options listed in the field of science and technology.

Top 5 Popular Career Options In Science and Technology

Medical Scientists

Medical scientists are involved in the study of human health and diseases for the purpose of finding out the cures for diseases and treatment procedures to combat those diseases. The role of a medical scientist involves extensive research for discovering preventive measures for illnesses which is also a social service. It is a highly demanding job and requires research qualifications apart from having good observation skills and dedication towards the work.


A physicist studies the properties of matter and motion.It includes researching the origin of universe and development of new tools and techniques. This career option is regarded as an interesting and exciting one in modern science which deeply studies the behavior of universe, i.e cosmology. Physicists require a degree in applied physics and a very high formal education. It is one of the most popular careers in the science and technology area.


A biochemist is a scientist who specializes in chemistry.He studies principles of chemical and physical aspects of living things and biological processes such as cell development. A career in the field of bio chemistry requires one to work in pharmaceutical industries and the like. It is a highly rewarding career coming in the category of science and technology and is also much in demand.

Aircraft Engineers

A career in aerospace engineering involves working with the top international companies with high end technology. The salaries of the engineers working in the aircraft department are high and consistent promotions and increments are made based on the performance of the workforce. It is a very high paying job and establishing a career in this field can prove to be beneficial to the professionals.

Information Technology Managers

IT is one of the fastest growing fields on a global front. IT managers require a qualification of bachelor’s degree in Information science alongside mathematics, computer programming and software development. The job of an IT manager has been ranked as the top and most coveted one with relatively higher pay scale than that of other technology careers.

Before taking up a career option in Science and Technology, it is better advised to take a psychometric career tests which helps individuals identify and evaluate the core of their potential. Career guidance session will help determine the pros and cons of a particular career choice one has made and whether or not it will be apt for the person. Science and Technology is a field that is rapidly growing and with each passing day there are new advancements made which leads to the high amount of career opportunities.