Why Do Youngsters Prefer to Flourish Their Career In The Government Sector?

Why Do Youngsters Prefer to Flourish Their Career In The Government Sector?


Currently, it is noticed that a swarm of candidates apply for government jobs every year. They are ready to face the fierce competition in the government exam to secure a prestigious job. Why do youngsters have an undiminishing craze for government jobs? Well, reasons are innumerable. The government of India conducts myriad exams to churn out capable candidates for various job positions. Cracking any government exam is not as easy as eating a pie. You need to dedicate months of hard preparation with sheer determination. Every minute invested in hard work is worth it, as you’ll be able to grab a lucrative government job. 

In India, umpteen youngsters appear for the bank exams. Public banking sector is known for providing  hefty salaries and perks. If you are going to appear for any upcoming bank exams 2021, make hard efforts  to clear the exam. Besides bank exams, candidates also appear for SSC and civil services exams. Getting a government job in any sector can serve you multiple privileges. For your knowledge, we have jotted down some points stating benefits of joining the public sector. 

Go through the following points to know why youngsters prefer to flourish their career in the government sector:

  • Financial security

The benefit of being a government employee is you’ll have financial security. Even when the economy suffers from extreme turbulence, government employees get paid on time. Whereas, private employees either get chopped off or are paid less. Thus, having a government job will offer you financial security. Moreover, salaries of government employees are higher as compared to private ones. Financial security is one of the captivating reasons that induce youngsters to join the government sector. 

  • Job stability

After the outbreak of COVID-19, maximum private companies sliced off their employees. Whereas, jobs of government employees were secured. From here, we can deduce that only government employees relish job stability. Thus, you’ll be free from the tension of losing a job. Job stability in the government sector attracts a lot of youngsters.

  • Heavy pay scale

Candidates channel through tough exams and personal interviews to grab a government job. What drives them to work this hard? It’s the desire to earn a heavy sum. Without a doubt, the government sector pays handsome salaries to their employees. Whereas, private companies fail to offer good pay scales. Currently, the government of India is offering salaries as per 6th pay commission. 

  • Various perks and allowances

Along with heavy salaries, government employees enjoy various perks and allowances. Government subsidizes the  expenses of employees by giving them numerous allowances. House rent allowance, conveyance allowance, motor car allowance are some common allowances that government employees get. Perks include a well furnished apartment, membership of gyms and clubs, a car etc. whereas, a private employee is entitled to salary and few allowances. The government sector provides a wide variety of benefits to most of their employees. This is the major factor that grabs the attention of most of the youngsters. If you also dream of entering the government sector then this particular point can surely motivate you to prepare better for the upcoming government exam. 

  • High chances of promotion

Getting a promotion is another main reason for joining the government sector. Employees get promotion on the basis of the tenure of their service and quality of their work. In some government departments employees need to qualify an exam to get promotion. However, private employees work throughout their lives and hardly get a promotion. Instead, they are over pressurised with workload. 

  • Less work pressure

There’s no secret that government jobs involve less pressure. Usually, government sectors have 7-8 working hours. Moreover, government employees hardly face pressure while working. They get sufficient free time even on the job. Whereas, private employees work for almost 9 hours a day. Furthermore, they are overburdened with their work.  Government employees rarely stay for overtime Nevertheless, private employees work overtime every other day. So, if you are looking for a less pressure job then start preparing for the government exam with the assistance of a true reliable source. 

  • Designated job

Without a doubt, government jobs are considered prestigious in India. Every youngster feels euphoric after earning a government job. Being a government employee, you’ll earn a distinct position in society. However, it’s hard to earn a designated private job. Thus, this makes a major reason why youngsters choose to join a government sector. 

  • Number of holidays

Government employees relish numerous paid holidays in a year. Whereas, private employees get less holidays. Besides less work pressure, more holidays persuade candidates to join the government sector. Who doesn’t enjoy holidays? Well, everyone of us. So, why not join the government sector and flourish your career with less pressure. 

These days the government of Punjab has issued a plethora of job notifications. Thousands of aspirants wish to apply for government jobs in Punjab. Grabbing a government job will help them relish a number of benefits. Additionally, they’ll be able to grow in their career. 


Earning a government job is the best way to secure your future. It’s tough to get a government job. The government conducts exams in various phases to select personnel. To crack those exams, you need to put in strenuous efforts and utmost dedication. Qualifying a government exam will help you grab a lucrative job. It will bring copious advantages with itself. We have mentioned all those benefits above. Moreover, joining a government sector will help you flourish your career.