How to Prepare For Government Exams During Corona Pandemic

How to Prepare For Government Exams During Corona Pandemic


“In the face of adversity, we have a choice. We can be bitter, or we can be better. Those words are my North Star.”- Caryn Sullivan. The havoc of coronavirus has incredibly shaken the lives of people and has pernicious effects on the economy of the whole world. Maximum business houses were shut down and millions of people were starving as their jobs were snatched and had no other source of income. Also, negativity delivered by the news of natural disasters in different corners of the world and agitations of different communities against their government drained everyone’s energy. This virus made everyone live in closed doors as lockdown rules didn’t allow anyone to roam freely anywhere. The positive side of this virus was that people got ample time to analyze their strengths and weaknesses to enhance their personality and make themselves productive. 

The turbulence caused by this noxious virus made everyone question their job security as many private organizations shed a large number of employees. This made youngsters choose government jobs over private ones, as during the lockdown period there were only government employees who were stuck to their jobs with full salary. Many candidates started their preparation for the SSC exam. Qualifying this exam will help them get recruited to a designated position in a government department. If anyone needs proper conditioning while preparing for the exam, they can connect with a marvellous institute that caters the best SSC coaching in Delhi. But, currently coronavirus is still at its peak grabbing people in its deadly trap. This made the government of India postpone its exam to control the spread of this virus. At this point, candidates need to keep their calm and remain consistent with their rigorous hard work.

Here we have opened a bag of tips that provides miraculous assistance while preparing for government exams during Coronavirus pandemic:

  • Choose a calm study environment

A calm and cool environment will help candidates to beef up their efficiency while preparing for the government exams. It aids in improving concentration and helps them remain focused. Candidates can prefer a room with proper ventilation, light and minimum distractions. Try to keep the study room clean and hygienic to eradicate the infections of coronavirus.

  • Set daily targets

Give yourself daily targets while preparing for the exam, it’ll keep you engaged and compete yourself. Accomplishing daily targets will boost confidence to appear for the government exam. Try to make realistic targets that are easy to complete and help you cover important topics of the exam. 

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  • Have in-depth discussion regarding what you learnt

Have a discussion session with your peer group regarding what you learn in a day. It is the most efficacious technique that can help you revise topics daily. Moreover, it will help you retain hard topics for a longer period of time. These discussions will encourage a healthy competitive environment that’ll improve your learning. This can also help you scrutinize your progress while sharing knowledge. 

  • Take short breaks

You should avoid learning for long hours as it can jam your mind and make learning difficult. Taking short breaks of 15-20 minutes can help you rejuvenate your mind as that will help you in improving focus. You can use these short breaks to listen to music, talk with a close friend or relax by having a short nap. These breaks will help you enhance your concentration levels and increase productivity while preparing for the government exam. 

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  • Flinge from distractions

Temptation to any type of distraction can steal the perks of success from you. While preparing for the government exam, candidates must fight shy of distractions. These days, the biggest source of distraction is social media that drag youngsters to the abyss of failure. Try to avoid frittering time over social media, instead devote that time in effective preparation of the government exam. Yes, you can surf social media for entertainment purposes but for less time.    

  • Maintain a sound health

Candidates should try to maintain sound health as we all know that health is wealth. Candidates can easily maintain a healthy body by exercising regularly and following a nutritious diet plan. As the spread of coronavirus is on peak, candidates should avoid eating fast food from restaurants or roadside vendors. It will be better, if candidates choose to relish home cooked food. 

  • Take a proper sleep

Candidates should avoid preparing for the exam at the cost of their sleep as it will only drain their energy. Sleeping for at least 7 hours a day will boost your energy and promote productive preparation for the government exam. A sound sleep will help candidates in better retention of hard topics. 

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The handy tips that can help you in keeping yourself encouraged while preparing for the government exam during coronavirus pandemic are listed above. As a lot of negativity is revolving around due to the spread of coronavirus pandemic, candidates need to keep their calm and remain motivated.