Internet User Conversion: Phone Calls and Fill Forms


For anyone in the website statistics business, you know the ever-present push to try to convert people randomly browsing into either subscribers or buyers of some good or service. These Internet user conversions happen in a number of ways, but two of the most popular include using phone calls and using fill forms.

So if you want people to find your site, that’s when you use bids on keywords and semantic data, but if you want to convert people to a new level of interactivity, that’s going to take an entirely different set of processes. Consider the techniques below to fill out your knowledge of the subject.

Why Phone Calls Are Important                    

It might seem like everything is done through text, text message, or impersonal data flow that doesn’t require any sort of human voice along the way, but that actually isn’t the case. If you research phone conversation conversions, you’ll find that a number of specific activities are far more lucrative when there’s an actual person talking to you. Some basic examples of this might be ordering food, scheduling an appointment with a construction company, or buying flowers for a gift for someone.

Why Forms Are Important          

When you can convince a web-browsing individual to fill out a form on your website, you’re getting a tremendous value for very little effort on their part if you make it easy enough. If you install form software of some sort that does all the tough parts automatically for you – like filling in database information – then everyone wins in that equation. The most typical information for you to try to get to add to your lists is name, e-mail address, and potentially a phone number or physical address as well, depending on your industry.

Methods of Interaction                          

Consider very carefully what your interactions with potential clients are customers are going to be like. If they are going to be face-to-face, brush up on facial expression reading techniques before entering into conversation. If your interactions are going to mostly be typing, be very careful with your use of language and the speed at which your interactions occur. Too fast, and you’ll appear pushy; too slow, and you’ll appear bored.

Using Permission Marketing                

Permission marketing is a fascinating and useful technique where you ask people to allow you to market to them. It’s a way that you know that everyone on your particular list really, truly wants your information. They looked you up to get it. It’s valuable to them; enough that they put effort into find it. These are the ideal customers and clients in today’s marketplace, and permission marketing is the best way to find and keep them on a regular basis.