Key Tips To Know Before Buying Garden Sheds

Key Tips To Know Before Buying Garden Sheds


Outdoor paraphernalia has a tendency to accumulate over time as essentials such as lawnmowers, barbecues, bikes, tools, paint pots, kiddy toys, etc gradually build up in number due to increase in a family’s needs which generally does not go hand in hand with increase in the size of the house. The solution to the proper storage of these items rather than having them all litter up the backyard and take up precious garage space is to invest in and install a good quality outdoor garden shed, keeping these tips in mind.

Garden sheds are commonly available in three main materials, i.e. metal, wood and plastic, each having their own pros and cons based on cost, maintenance, vermin protection and durability. Even before making your choice of material, keep these simple tips in mind while hunting for a garden shed that fulfils all your requirements :-

1) Things generally have a faster rate of accumulation than discard, so keep these trends in mind while choosing the size of the shed that should steer towards larger than your current demand while fitting in the available space and fitted with additional shelves to utilize space effectively.

2) Low lying areas that act as accumulation grounds for any excess ground water and spill off should be avoided.

3) The most preferable type of site to install a garden shed is flat and level, where this is not possible a floor framing kit should be used to mimic the flat ground.

4) Give a wide clearance for the entry point and allocate empty space in front of the shed for easy putting in and removal of storage items without too much effort and to avoid any damage to the shed.

5) Visual impact of the shed is important, choose the site in accordance with the design ideology and visibility of the shed, and use appealing colours that gel well with other colours on the site such as the surrounding house, land, trees, etc.

6) Pay heed to local regulations and byelaws, most areas have set standards pertaining to overall height limitations and building colours as well.

7) Choose a reliable retailer who provides good quality sheds engineered to Irish standards and complying with the legislation related to wind rating, rather than the cheaper Chinese knockoffs that are made of inferior materials.

Key Tips To Know Before Buying Garden Sheds

Get the Most Out of your Garden Shed:

Rather than opting for larger storage sheds that look huge and ungainly and mar the overall landscape, opt for clever storage solutions in relatively smaller sheds. Floor space is valuable, so restrict its usage to items like bicycles, lawn mowers, etc. Sturdy hooks can be used to hang things of the shed walls, and multiple level shelving units create more stacking options. Choose the right door width and access point that offers easy manoeuvrability for bigger storage items like garden furniture, wheelie bins, etc.

For more handy tips and advice, check out, the website of Irelands premier garden and steel sheds supplier, C & S Sheds, and choose from a wide range of sizes of garden sheds available to best suit your house and its surroundings.