How Rookie Scriptwriters Can Be Successful?


Many scriptwriters want to finally get the attention of critics and pundits in the film industry. Rookies often need to work hard and long, before they can get the attention of everyone in the film industry. Unfortunately, some of them feel that they are running into brick walls, because they hardly get any kind progress. Most of the time, filmmakers and producers don’t ask for your script and you simply submit your work, at your own risk. When working with professionals in the industry, it is important to make sure that they are members of the local association of movie producers.

This will ensure that you will encounter people who have untainted records of commitment to excellence, diligence, transparency, integrity and honesty. These professionals should also have the commitment to uphold the best practices in the industry. By doing business with association members, you can narrow down your search. It is much more likely that you will find true professionals, instead of charlatans. When you find a producer who is more likely to accept your scripts, try to book an appointment and usually, it is ethically unacceptable to just show up at their office.

Depending on the producer, you may or may not disclose the actual reason why you want to meet. Some producers could turn you down instantly, but others could give you a chance. If you are being honest, you can prove your credibility and you don’t have any intention to fool the producer. Your attitude and appearance are important when you plan to meet any professional in the film industry. You should consider whether your clothes, hair, posture and composure are ideal. You shouldn’t let your desperation, fear and anxiety to appear. Try to remain calm, cool and collected.

When communicating with people, you should always maintain eye contact and observe their body language. In fact, most of the communication is done non-verbally, through your body language and facial expression. Before meeting with someone or doing a presentation, you should learn how to have the best body language. Make sure that you have a good level of assurance and comfort. Rookies need to learn a lot of things in the film industry, so they need to listen attentively to what those professionals are saying. Give yourself enough time to observe everyone in the industry and how they do things.

When the conversation is over, the person may ask you to drop the manuscript. This is a big no no. It’s a fatal mistake to submit your entire copy of script, before you get real confirmation. Only hand over the script in its entirety after the contract is officially signed. You may give first few pages of the script and make sure that opening scenes are compelling enough. You should also prepare a synopsis, so people will know the actual storyline of your script, although you don’t submit a complete script. You should also need to prepare a well-drafted clause to fully protect your work. If possible, you should discuss with your lawyer to make sure that our work is legally protected by law.