Five Ways to Set Up a Great Filmmaking Team


Many aspiring producers seek to produce the greatest results. Here are things that they should do to achieve success:

  1. Get ready to work with diverse people: If you plan to make a great product, it is important to be ready to work with a diverse set of people. Each person has a role and expertise. They could be choreographer, scriptwriters, cameramen, assistant, equipment operators, lighting operators, makeup artists and others. It doesn’t matter who the person is, it is important to make sure that the individual could share and contribute a lot to the project. In fact, diversity in a filmmaking team can be a great asset. Each person may have an idea to make the production process more efficient and effective.
  2. Make sure that each person adds value: Regardless of how big or small the role of each individual, it is important that everyone is contributing something. Producers and directors should become effective managers and coordinators. They should know that improper treatment could cause discontent and distress, which will ruin the overall process. Unnecessary tension should be avoided in the filming set. People should know that their presence and role matter much and they should be eager to leave their imprint in the final work of the project. Each person should make sure that they earn the privilege of being added in the ending credit.
  3. Invite people to create and flourish: Filmmaking is a creative project and it can be considered as an art form. If someone feels that he or she has something worth bringing up, then the idea should be conveyed immediately. There’s always a possibility that an idea ends up becoming a key factor to the success of the filming project. An idea could save money or make the film slightly better in different ways. Directors and producers should create an open atmosphere, where people are eager to express themselves and become more creative. Make sure that everyone is fully aware about the final decision.
  4. Monitor works and give feedback: Works should be monitored and make sure that people get meaningful feedback for their work. It is important to know that everything is working well. Monitoring will help everyone to save energy, money and time. Experienced professionals will know when something is not working well and they need to make some immediate changes. Cameramen, lighting operators, assistants and actors are eager to get feedback to make sure that they can contribute fully. A good feedback will ensure that each person will perform much better the next day.
  5. Make sure there’s a leader who makes the final decision: In the end, the filmmaking process isn’t about democracy. There’s always someone who takes the final decision. However, the decision maker should make a proper balance between delivering the best results and ensuring that everyone in the team is happy. There should still be a room for people to creative and stay flexible. There’s bound to be a difference of Set Up a Great Fopinion, but at some point, the leader should make the decision. Producer should assume the strategic decision maker, while director is the decision maker in the actual filming and editing process.