How Films Can Keep You Motivated?


It’s a fact that success isn’t a pain free process and we have a dream that we need to pursue. We need to be faithful and persevere during the most difficult moments. There are times when we say that we want to give up. The truth is, success could be achieved only if we persevere. We need to make sure that we can go past those I-give-up phase. During those trying times, you should surround yourself with things that can make you feel motivated. Films are not only excellent for entertainment purposes, but could also be used to affirm our faith. We need to be really serious about our purpose. When watching films, we should make sure those that contain unshakable faith. Characters in films often show unshakable faith in their dream.

When watching films, you should make sure that the storyline is attached to your inner core. Some films can become a source of your creativity, where you draw inspiration and mental strength from to pursue your dream. Characters in films are often stay connected with their dream. They have a short statement that they repeat over and over again. Learn from the film how these characters re-energize their faith and achieve so much. Motivating films can become your good mentors. They can directly show you how something is done and what obstacles that you will face throughout the journey. When watching these films, you can bring along someone who has the same situation. You can discuss with your friend on how to get a lesson from a movie that you watch together.

As you watch more and more films, you will be eager to keep checking on your results. It is a good time to keep a log of your current progress. You need to remind yourself how far you’ve come since your pursue your dream. You need to answer honestly of things that can be improved and what aspects of your lives that can be made better. Make sure that you are on the right track. In order to make things easier, choose films with your favourite actors or characters. So, it will be much easier for you to get inspired. At the end of the film, have an imaginary conversation with the character in the film (not the actor). How the character answers should match what he/she says and does in the film. Once your faith is challenged, it will take time to achieve your goals.

Films should bring your goal closer to materialization. Films can help you to question or test your dreams. Motivating films are great allies that can keep you on track. Good films that can keep you motivated include October Sky, Field of Dreams, Working Girl, Billy Elliot and Real Women Have Curves. After watching these films, you should write down the dream and challenges of the characters. Write down concrete actions that these characters do to achieve their dream and address challenges. Observe how external factors help or oppose the characters in achieving their goals. Consider whether these characters manage to inspire and strengthen your faith. After you watch a film, consider what you will do differently to keep yourself motivated.