Finding The Best Indoor Rock-Climbing Gym In London


These days, indoor rock climbing activity has become a popular activity in London. It is considered as a good exercise and as such many fitness enthusiasts are joining indoor rock climbing gym for an overall body exercise. Many people with an adventurous bent of mind also prefer to join an indoor rock climbing gym as here they get a feel of outdoor rock climbing, an experience of adrenaline rush and various fitness benefits. Some of the major benefits are

No Safety Risk

Joining an indoor rock climbing gym allows people to have a lot of fun that is associated with this activity, without putting their safety and life at risk. There are various safe ways through which people can enjoy this adventurous activity without hampering their style and fun. There are trainers and instructors that ensure people’s safety while they are indulging in this activity. There are short height walls for the beginners with appropriate grips at frequent intervals. For advanced climbers, there are huge walls that can be climbed easily using safety equipment.

Complete Fitness

Climbing is considered as a comprehensive exercise that allows the whole body to stay fit. The climber has to use his entire body when climbing. Climbers who enjoy strong lower and upper extremities takes lesser effort in scaling greater heights. It has been often seen that during regular workouts, body parts like forearms and hands are neglected, but in the case of climbing, a person cannot avoid using these parts that gradually gains a lot of strength.

More Calories are Burned

People who are regular gym goers and are particularly careful about their fitness also feel totally exhausted after just a few minutes of climbing. This is because this activity is responsible for more calorie burning when compared with other exercises. Just an hour of climbing can help a person to burn more than 900 calories, which is impossible with any other exercise. Rappelling also helps a person to lose a lot of calories, though it also depends on the height and gender of the person.

Enhanced Flexibility and Muscle Toning

Another major benefit of this exercise is enhanced muscle tone and flexibility. Climbing requires a lot of flexibility, thus if a person is not flexible enough, the first few days of climbing may prove to quite brutal. The trainers and instructors at some of the best indoor rock climbing gym in London encourages people to work on their body flexibility. A person has to work hard to keep up with the gravity and this helps in working muscles to a considerable extent.

Increase in Brain Power

Climbing is much more than just a physical activity. The climber has to use his thinking abilities also when stretching arms to see whether he will be able to catch hold of the grip. He also needs to think of ways where using minimal moves and storing energy, maximum distance can be climbed. Hand eye coordination also improves.

Finding the best indoor rock climbing gym in London will certainly help a person to enjoy a lot of benefits.