Safety Essentials For Your Work Station


There are certain things that should always be near youduring work time. Any factory or warehouse can be a dangerous place if you’re not one hundred percent focused on your own safety.

Setting up a work station and knowing your way around can help you avoid accidents and lower the risk of injuries. In all industries with demanding work conditions a fast reaction in case of any danger, is very important.

Disposable Stations

Whenever you’re dealing with hazardous substances you should be aware of dangers they can cause. Never leave any bottles containing chemical mixtures open on your desk. Make sure that the label with the expiration date and instructions are always intact and readable.

If you work with sharp items, place them in special plastic containers before throwing them out. Always keep in mind your own safety and the others around you.

Safety Equipment

There are certain things you should never touch without gloves. You could expose yourself to a great danger that could cause further health complications. Using solvents and acids should always be handled with special care.

Work clothes that you wear during work hours are probably the most important personal protection. It shields your entire body from any mechanical and chemical hazards.

Try to keep safety goggles and face masks around you at all times. Inhaling dangerous gasses by accident can lead to brain damages or lungs diseases. Stay alert and use all the resources around you to be safe.

First Aids

Regardless, there can always be one moment when your attention drifts and you hurt yourself. Accidents happen but your immediate reaction can help you avoid serious post- injury complications.

Most injuries are common and include simple cuts, bruises or splinters but it’s always better to be prepared for all kinds of situations. Make sure to keep your personal first aid kit on your work desk. In case of any sudden injury you’ll be able to clean the wounds quickly.

Stock Simple things in your Kit:

  • different types of bandages
  • eye wash solution
  • antiseptic wipes
  • cold packs/burn shield gel
  • scissors
  • plasters
  • face shield

And Essential Medication:

  • antibiotic ointment
  • painkillers
  • any medication for your specific health condition (allergies, asthma, etc.)

Simple Essentials

If you had an accidental leakage by your workstation it could be considered dangerous if your colleague slips. Remember to keep a paper towel roll close to your station and keep the entire area clean.

Another important item is a simple bottle of water. It can keep your body hydrated during long hours but it can also help you remove any chemical substances or burns. Simply flush the affected area with the appropriate amount of water.

Keep your work area tidy and clean at all times. Encourage others to have their safety kit in the vicinity. Remember that good work environment leads to increased productivity.