5 Types Of Stone Siding For Homes


Stone is the most durable item among all the building materials. Stones like Granite, Slate and limestone are beautiful and impervious to any kind weather. There is nothing that will affect the look of your house than the type of exterior you have chosen. While shopping, you should consider the material that can fit according to architectural structure of the house you intend to build and ones that fit into your lifestyle. Listed below are the 5 types of siding materials for homes that you can easily get from Meteorstone. Choosing one of these materials can change the entire neighborhood’s look.

  1. Solid Stone Siding

This siding material has many benefits due to its durability and superior natural appearance. Because of this benefit people have adopted the technology to reproducing them. Furthermore, solid stone siding has promoted more innovations in home building materials.

  1. Polyurethane Stone Siding

This is an alternative to real stone due to its lightweight. Meteorstone make this material from dense polyurethane. Distributors make them for installation in panels. Their installation is easier and it’s appearance is amazing as only a touch will reveal that the material is not real. Furthermore, this construction material is weather resistant.

  1. Manufactured Stone Sidings

This material is durable and its appearance remains intact for a very long time. Manufactured stone sidings are also called the cultured stones. They’re made through molds which exactly resemble like natural rocks. Manufactured stone sidings for homes are installed in the same way as natural stones, but they bear less weight. Therefore its shipment is cheaper.

  1. Natural Stone Cladding

Natural stone cladding is another option for the natural stones. This material is cut from larger slabs. One popular type of this material is granite. Granite has many of minerals, which can bear high density therefore it resists cracking. Cracking mostly happens in stones with high moisture penetration. Moisture in rocks cause freeze thaw cycles. The shape of cladding material reflects irregular contours which are more similar to the traditional masonry. However, the back of every piece is flat. They are laid like bricks- they are fixed to substrate in staggered patterns.

  1. Stone Veneer Panel Siding

This stone siding material is good choice for many constructors. The facing of this stone siding material comes from real stones. Meteorstone makes many varieties of veneer panel siding to stick together like puzzle pieces. Stone veneer siding ensures that in the end you should get a durable stone with all benefits. It’s installation is easy due to the panel system. In addition, this material provides a multidimensional texture and typical feel of a real stone surface. This may be a good alternative when you are searching for an easy installation that involve an actual stone.

A building with a stone looking exterior provides a sense of durability and history. Most of these materials are inexpensive if purchased from Meteorstone. So you can call them to know more about all stones you like.