Catering Trends 2015


cateringCatering is an important aspect of any event, and whether or not you put lots of thought into your catering service or not, it is important to understand the catering trends throughout the year. This is to ensure that your guests enjoy the event, and to make it the most memorable experience possible. Catering trends typically shift according to several factors, and will move towards what the majority enjoys or expects.In 2015, there are several catering trends growing rapidly, some of which are a must-have for any social event. Below are some of the biggest catering trends in 2015.

  • Purely vegetarian dishes –Statistics have shown that more and more people are considering vegan diets, where the majority of the ingredients are primarily plant-based. This is why it is recommended to consider a range ofvegetarian dish when planning the menu for an event. Not to mention, some people are looking to start a plant-based diet, and your event could just be the start to their healthy lifestyle.
  • Ice cream flavours of all sorts –Everyone loves ice cream, and while most prefer the traditional flavours, you can take this opportunity to introduce them to gourmet flavours. This brings a new twist to your event, something that will definitely be enjoyed by your guests.
  • Biscuits –Biscuits are small bite-sized snacks that are just perfect for any guest. It is predicted that biscuits would be 2015’s most popular food holders, be it mini sandwiches or salads.
  • Locally sourced food –Some argue that this generation is most concerned about where their food comes from, whether it is organic or not, local or international, etc. There are several benefits to using locally sourced food like reducing the need for transportation and building relationships with local restaurants and chefs.
  • Gluten Free Dishes – Going gluten free is the dictum of the day. So catering companies would be busy now cooking up creative gluten free dishes using traditional grains like quinoa, buckwheat and the like.

Catering trends allow for history to repeat itself in a way. Food that is no longer popular can become the next big thing in catering, while classic dishes may no longer be as popular. Catering requires a certain level of expertise outside of cooking and food preparation. The presentation of the food plays a crucial role in catering and also plays a role in what becomes a catering trend. For example, the catering trend in food presentation is leaning to towards thinner, clean look. Catering trends change rapidly and from time to time, it will bring back old dishes that were completely forgotten, but may have been a classic for a moment in time.

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