9 Reasons To Switch To A Cloud-Based Point-Of-Sale System


The advent of cloud computing technology has made it cheaper for organizations to expand without investing in hardware. Software maintenance is also left to the SaaS provider, reducing the size of the IT support team needed for maintenance. Whether you are new to the world of cloud computing or have some knowledge and have been considering it for weeks, months, or even years, switching from traditional or on-premise sales technology to highly-intuitive, cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) software can be one of the smartest moves any small business enterprise can make. If you don’t take the initiative, your competitors will steal some of your clients and send you packing. Below are benefits of point of sale systems to help you stay ahead of the game.

  1. Accurate Records

A majority of small businesses struggle with day-to-day bookkeeping, often resulting in unrecorded sales transactions, and inaccurate inventory. It becomes even a bigger challenge tracking down transactions, which ends with employees spending more time tracking down mistakes instead of closing new sales or helping existing customers get better service. This can significantly hinder business growth, sales revenue, and profits. A cloud-based POS can solve this problem. Traditional cash registers have relied so much on human input, which is bound to mistakes, especially during busy times. By using POS systems, you take the guesswork out of the equation, allowing your business to achieve a high level of accuracy.

  1. Speed

Small business enterprises suffering from slow checkout lines that can be capitalize on POS systems, as customers hate to wait in line for several minutes while a cashier takes his time to type a detailed description of what the customer ahead of them is purchasing. But with great POS software, cashiers are able to ring up customers much quickly. With easy access to product information, they can serve customers more efficiently. Today’s customers do most of their shopping online because they desire efficiency. Reliable cloud-based POS software sets up remarkable, in-person shopping experience, encouraging more clients to visit the business in its physical location and increase sales.

  1. Remote Controlled and Easy Accessibility

The advent of mobile devices and mobile apps has made it possible to access and control cloud-based POS systems. With a great POS system purchased from eposnow, you don’t have to be physically present in your store to be able to stay and see what’s happening. As a manager, it can be devastating to be on vacation thinking things are under control or not and find things in a mess. If your business suffers while you’re away, cloud computing can help you keep your employees motivated by allowing you to constantly monitor them and their activities. This will ensure that you can correct mistakes as soon as they are committed. A POS system will keep updating you on what is going on, as it also does some of the work for you.

  1. Provides Feedback and Insight

High-quality POS systems do more than just scan items quickly; they provide feedback, giving your business the data and insight it requires to grow and expand in order to maximize profits. The system tracks and records all purchases, allowing you to view all customer’s past purchases, both in person (physical) and online. Your business can also track successful products and services and even create targeted marketing that is solely based on demographics and individual customer purchasing habits.

  1. Consistent Pricing Across Various Stores

Humans are prone to errors, especially when overworked, fatigued, or stressed. For instance, an item may cost more at one particular shop location than another. A cloud-based POS system eliminates this issue, improving your reputation for integrity and customer care. Stores with consistent pricing across all locations tend to be more credible and trustworthy. Maintaining consistent pricing through a POS system improves professional function.

  1. Manage Promotions with Ease

To attract and retain customers, small businesses must try and run promotions. Promotions are also essential for creating brand awareness. It can become difficult for small businesses to keep track of short-term promotions, especially specifications, terms and conditions, as well as duration. Most small businesses run multiple promotions at the same time, failing to maintain records of promotions and possibly resulting in lost sales and patrons. A cloud-based POS system allows small business to keep track of promotions, including profits of offers, with ease. As the product development manager or promotion manager, you can able to tell which promotions are profitable and which ones are not, so that you can be able to offer the best customer care to attract and retain customers.

  1. Efficiently Manage Inventory

Trying to manage inventory without reliable POS software can be a nightmare, especially for small businesses that have both physical and online store. This can lead to inconsistencies and reduce credibility. But quality POS system allows accurate and efficient inventory management. Lack of an efficient POS system can make it difficult for small businesses to accurately keep track of their entire inventory. It sort out inventory based on product type, description, etc. Cloud-based POS system will keep track of all data related to a particular product, helping you know the suppliers and parental relationships, sales rates, and substitutes relating to every item in the inventory. You won’t have to offer customers items that sold out.

  1. Identify Trends

With a good POS system, you can be able to identify the various trends in product’s sales. Know the demographic groups that are interested in a particular product.

  1. Multiple Tools in One Package

Marketing and business technologies keep advancing rapidly. To keep up with the competition, it means buying the latest advancement in a particular field. This is not only expensive, but can also be time-consuming and stressful. Investing in a cloud-based POS system could mean cutting down cost, at it offers more essential business and marketing tools in one package. A high-quality POS is all you need to perform all the important functions.

While there are many benefits of cloud-based point-of-sale systems, only the main ones have been covered here. Investing in quality cloud-based POS system is quickly becoming the norm across retail industries. Don’t lose business to the competition; invest in a high-quality POS system and eliminate waste, maximize profits and improve customer service.