Benefits Of Having An Ecommerce Function On Your Website

Benefits Of Having An Ecommerce Function On Your Website


The internet has revolutionised our lives in so many ways, and has brought about new challenges and opportunities for businesses and consumers. Increasingly, more businesses are capitalising on the benefits that the internet brings by adding ecommerce facilities to their website, whilst reaping the rewards. What are the rewards of having an ecommerce functioning website?

Keeping up with Trends

Online sales is a growing trend. According to Forbes Magazine more and more people are purchasing from their home or mobile device instead of driving to a store. In 2014 alone, online retail sales increased 15.7% compared to the previous year, whilst total retail sales only grew by 4.4%. Quite simply, if a business is not reacting to this growing trend by offering its goods or services for purchase online it runs the risk of missing out on increased revenue.

Wider Audience

If you own an online ecommerce enabled website, you are not limited by the physical location of a store. A physical store is only likely to attract custom from people living nearby or those driving past, but having an ecommerce function opens up a much wider audience not limited by location – your customers could even come from the other side of the world! More visits to your site and more customers result in increased sales – essential for the growth and success of any business.


Having an ecommerce facility on your website provides customers with greater convenience. According to the BBC selling goods online provides the option to offer 24-hour shopping at minimum additional cost. Customers can shop when they want to, at any time of day or night, without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Ease of Use

It’s a lot simpler and more cost effective than ever to have an ecommerce facility incorporated into your website. A reputable design agency such as can implement an ecommerce solution to suit your business requirements, with an easy to use interface that lets you manage and update the products yourself. Systems also come with a number of useful features allowing you to easily manage the entire process and even include analytics functions so you can understand your visitors’ purchasing behaviour. If you’re seeking ecommerce web design in Somerset or elsewhere, ensure to invest time and money in having a fully-functioning secure site that customers will be happy using that can also meet your needs.

Staying Competitive

Having an ecommerce facility on your website ensures that you are not being left behind by your competitors. No matter what size of business you are, if you have something to sell, being able to do it online can reduce the risk of your customers going elsewhere to other online retailers.

Know Your Customers

With an ecommerce site, you have valuable information at your fingertips about your customers, which would be harder to obtain if you just had a physical store. You can capture email addresses and other personal details, for instance, as well as analyse buying behaviour, which you can use to your advantage for future marketing or promotional purposes.