Expert Views On The Upcoming Modern Art In 2015


With the past year of 2014 slipping steadily behind us and the upcoming 2015 already creeping close to the middle, it is time to assess what is that which we may expect out to the art world in the upcoming time period and what is that that we are going to leave behind. These are actually some opinions of certain artists or expert people from the field who feel that some things are changing and are making their opinions public. The times have started to change and it is becoming more apparent for the art world as well. Studying some of the given opinions may provide us with a stepping stone for the solution of the contemporary art and give us also some ideas whether the direction it is heading for is actually good or bad. And now, without further ado the opinions of the professionals.

“My personal opinion is that the direction the art world is heading will continue on its way due to the course already set in the previous year or actually years. The past has shown us the emergence of some pretty good artists and the future will certainly continue upon that premise as well. There are two things, in my opinion, that will continue on its course in the upcoming 2015. Firstly, the rising young artists will continue with their ascent with the help of institutions and galleries at their backs proving room for even more artists in the modern genre. Secondly, technology will start to play an even bigger role than before and will continue on its path of the evolution of art. Sites for art sale like Bluethumb for instance will play a bigger role for the emerging artists and also be a place where the ordinary people can get a better glimpse of what they have to offer.”

“The upcoming year will certainly become a ground breaking or a record breaking at that. I expect that this year we will get to see the breaking or the 1 billion dollar auction. Last year we were held back when the larger one was reached at 886 dollars in New York. I expect this to be surpassed this year. Also, the rise of the Chinese market is foreseen here while the slump of the Russian one is more apparent. Ultimately, the online auction trend will surpass or rather replace the original or the traditional one, which will certainly be more apparent this year. Expect less and less auctions to be done in the presence of people in a large auditorium like before and do your bidding on line like the young crowd does it.”

“Information is what drives the world and in modern times knowledge equals power. Let’s not go too far as to say that in the art world he who possess knowledge will be the supreme leader but the flow of information will certainly make much more things easier and available to a lot of people. The data that is passed around will be much more attainable through the rise of technology and sites like Bluethumb do a great job of making all the date available to a wider audience.”

“The year of 2014 was a record breaking year in term that there was a great number of art pieces sold. This year will prove to be as fruitful as the previous one but in an even greater magnitude. The assessment stats that the classical forms of art are coming back but a modern sense which will attract an even greater amount of people and a wider range of audience. I predict the sales increasing within the next year and we are preparing for another boom in sales. This time we have the internet on our side as people are becoming more and more comfortable to buy art this way. The technology and the technology alone will be the tipping point behind art and will do it a great favor in the upcoming period.”

“In my opinion, within the next few months we will be experiencing a drastic increase of congestion in the art world. An ever increasing outbreak of events makes a particular one enjoyably, as there are many ones in one day or one city that you simply must visit and find it hard to choose which one to go to. It is also reported that there are going to be a number of classic 19thand 20th century painting seeing the light of day and coming out of the closet. There are certainly going to be a lot of auctions this year and collectors are rubbing their hands and eagerly awaiting the day when the long awaited one gets auctioned.”

“The years have not been to kind for many art dealers and there have been a lot of things going wrong latterly. But with the rise in economy which is booming so will the shift occur in this field as well. I predict that this is the tie breaker and that the 2015 will be a great auction year and that we will get to see some very peculiar things happening.”

“Something that I am particularly eager to see undone is largely concerned in the legislative nature of the matters. There are certain things that need to happen and a few laws that are expected to pass in the 2015. These can mark a turning point in many cases and cost the art world quite a bit, but it can easy add it some great value as well. The first thing I am waiting to see is the newly introduced ivory trading laws which will affect appraisers in a large way. Market watchers will keep a close eye on this particularly in the Asian region. Secondly, we need to get legislation on authenticators who render opinions on art work. Resolve these two issues and we are up for a thrilling year in front of us.”

“From a legal point of view nothing will change apparently. But if we are to look at the emerging illegally obtained goods and arts pieces which are coming from the Middle East zone or natural heritage pieces which were most certainly looted from this part we will need to expect a large flow of some peculiarly found goods. We really need to keep a close eye on this one and act caution within the archeological field. The contemporary market will certainly not be nor can’t it be stopped, although we need to watch for the impact of Russian economic crisis coming that cannot be avoided nor disregarded.”

“We have heard people talking that nothing lasts forever and that some things are poised to end. Journalists predict that the market will crash and that we will soon be witnessing the end. Experts in the art world predict that we are flying dangerously close to the sun. But as the alluded Icarus the market does not crash and burn but springs away from the maze and continues to exist. Despite some self-proclaimed Nostradamus figures out there in the world and Apocalypse bringers, the market will continue its rapidly rising swoop even this year and there is not a certain prediction when it will end. Be certain that the market will continue expanding and still be existing by the end of 2015 and expect it to reach its greatest heights for now.”

“The market is certainly going to expand this year, but is not creeping dangerously close the breaking bubble point. Particularly interesting are the Chinese and Indian markets, and actually some of the Southeast Asian ones, which are showing signs of maturity. They have expanded beyond reason and have started to take interest pas Chinese porcelain and jade but even beyond. Their rapid development and the trades that they have started making are something to watch out for this year.”