Amazing Villains in Video Games


Video games are often associated with heroic protagonists, while bad guys are often forgotten. However, it doesn’t mean that villains lack personality and are boring. In reality, villains are used to make games more interesting for us. Here are greatest villains in video games

  • Seifer – Final Fantasy VIII: Seifer begins as a fellow student in the SEED academy along with Squall. He’s the reason why Squall has a nasty scar on his face. The long time rivalry eventually turns sour and Seifer beings to show his true color and becomes the villain. Seifer is a normal looking villain, unlike other bad guys in the game.
  • Bowser – Super Mario: Although Donkey Kong was the first nemesis in Mario Bros series, Bowser is definitely more attractive. He is a round-shaped, spiky dragon, while Donkey Kong is just like a gorilla. Bowser lurks in a huge castle, surrounded by his own minions. In various Mario Bros games, Bowser continues to steal the scene and he also makes an appearance in Super Mario RPG.
  • Lynx – Chrono Cross: Lynx is a rather unique villain and appears like a bi-pedal feline creature. He has a cool outfit with gothic, dark style, that’s similar to the one used by Dracula. He often appears with a sidekick, Harle, who is a female clown. At certain parts of the game, you actually control Lynx, so you will feel a sense of connection with him.
  • Wesker – Resident Evil 5: He first appeared in the original Resident Evil game, but we know him much better in Resident Evil 5. With glasses and long coat, he looks like a normal villain. Just like any good villain, he overpowers the protagonist of the game, Chris and Sheva, by injecting a bio-engineered virus into his body.
  • Sarevok – Baldur’s Gate: Since the beginning of the game, we know that Sarevok is someone that we shouldn’t take lightly. He is the step brother of the game’s protagonist and killed his adoptive father. It’s not clear what his real motive is and we track him down throughout the game to thwart his diabolical scheme. Sarevok is a challenge to defeat.
  • Revolver Ocelot – Metal Gear Solid: Ocelot first appeared in the original Metal Gear Solid through Sony Playstation console. Ocelot wields a six-shooter and in subsequent Metal Gear games, we start to dive deeper into his character. Ocelot was a Cold War spy with marksmanship skill that rivals Snake’s.
  • Sephiroth – Final Fantasy VII: Sephiroth is the iconic villain and he is the epitome of coolness. It’s easy to like Sephiroth, although he plans to suck ‘mako’ from the whole universe. He displays skilful sword play and sheer power. Sephiroth always puts on a show when fighting against Cloud, Zack and Genesis.
  • Darth Revan – Knights of the Old Republic: Revan is a great character in the Star Wars universe with a mask and dark hooded robe, which is normal for a Sith master. Later in the game, you find out that you are actually this evil and dark character. It’s up to you, whether you want to get out of the dark side or defeat Dark Malak to reclaim his evil throne.