Five Most Violent Video Games


Violence is also commonly present in video games. Developers argue that adding violent elements will improve the realism and enjoyment. Here are some of the most violent video games:

  1. Mortal Kombat: Although the first Mortal Kombat game is pixelated and doesn’t look visually appealing, it was the most violent at the time. This is the sole reason why Mortal Kombat spawns a significant fanbase. There are a plethora of sequels and movie. The significantly improved graphics of the latest Mortal Kombat game makes the violence aspects become more apparent. Any player can help to chuckle when Sub Zero rips the head of his enemy, leaving the spine dangling below.
  2. Carmageddon: Carmageddon was released in 1997 and it’s still an enjoyable game. At the time, Carmageddon was a breakthrough with real world physics and interesting video scenes.
  3. Thrill Kill: The release of Thrill Kill for PlayStation was cancelled two weeks before the planned date, because EA considered it senselessly violent. However, the game was released later by a former EA employee and it’s still available for download today. It’s a simple game, with four opponents in the room who fight to the death. Instead of a life bar, each player has a kill meter that grows when you cause more damage to opponents. Thrill Kill includes various violent moves, like mutilation and dismemberment. Cleetus may occasionally snap the head of an opponent and drink the blood from the severed neck. It’s a simple and violent game, with a simple story background, that is each character seeks to return to the real life world.
  4. Postal 2: Postal 2 is notorious as a violent shooter game. One hilariously violent element of the game is the ability to use cat as gun silencer, by shoving the barrel of the gun into its anus. Postal and Postal 2 met a lot of protest from various groups, but the developer argues that the level of violence of the game depends entirely upon the player. It is actually possible to complete the game without harming anyone, although it’s very difficult to do. Postal 2 increases the violence a few notches higher, including the ability to urinate on people and food, which is about to be eaten by cops. The game also features the National Guard, SWAT, ATF, religious cults and others. The game is illegal in at least three countries.
  5. Manhunt: Manhunt tells the story of James Earl Cash, who will be executed by lethal injection. However, Cash is abducted by a Hollywood director, after the lethal injection is replaced by a strong sedative. The director hires Cash to butcher local gangs in the most horrific and violent ways, while being recorded. This includes decapitation, suffocation and jamming a crowbar. Manhunt is banned in various countries and the game is linked with a murder case.

Parents should consider what kind of games that their children can play. It is important to make sure that children can get the best kind of entertainment that is entertaining and educating.