Add Value to Your Home with These Renovation Tricks


There are numerous home improvements you can execute but not all will raise the market value of your property. In reality, buyers look for specific things when purchasing a real estate and it is this attention to details that will help you add value to your home without the need to overspend. These renovation tricks will not make a large dent in your home budget, as most repairs and modifications you can do on your own or with the help of your friends, For other, more comely tasks, you might need to outsource a renovator but in the end, you will be in the plus as your home’s value skyrockets.

The power of paint

No, we are not referring to Microsoft’s popular program but rather to wall paint that is the cheapest and most effective way to alter the way your house looks. Walls, both inside and outside, are the largest surfaces in the house, so any chance to them will alter the entire décor. The trick is to use lighter shades than the present ones to make the house appear bigger. Just make sure that you do not use too bright colors like orange or yellow, as they are tacky. This is something that potential buyers will not appreciate as they will have to repaint the house after they purchase it. Better opt for more mellow shades of light blue or white.

An outside deck

One of the most important details that prospective buyers and real estate agents take special notice of is the outdoor living area. Regardless of its size and even if you don’t own a backyard, you have to make sure the deck or balcony is all spruced up. If you do own a backyard, then adding a deck is pretty much a must as it will connect the indoors with the outdoors and allow for future tenants to spend more time outside the house without getting wet or sunburned. Because of the scale of this construction project, you might want to hire professionals to help you but their work won’t be over outdoors.

Drinks anyone?

Speaking of renovators, they can assist you with an addition to the living room or the kitchen that will significantly increase the appeal of your home. Adding a bar is an integral part of indoor renovation services that most renovators offer because such an addition to the house is popular with their clients. No surprise there since this home improvement comes at an acceptable cost and it looks impressive. As the final twist, you can offer the realtor and prospective buyers a drink and have them sit on bar stools as they sip their martini.

Creating a light show

Every DIY center has a wide array of LED lights and strips that are quite cheap now. You can buy them by the bulk and place them strategically around the house to create a private light show that will definitely grab people’s attention. One place where you can stick an LED strip is around the vanity mirror in the bathroom. This way, you will an additional light source while shaving or applying makeup and the while bathroom will enjoy new ambiance lighting. Furthermore, you can glue a colorful LED strip underneath the whole length of the kitchen cabinets, so the light will shine directly onto the counter. Visibility will be significantly increased during night time and the marble counter will be accentuated as the centerpieces in the kitchen.

Sprucing up the kitchen

Speaking of the kitchen, this is the room that the new owners will spend a lot of time in, so they will know to appreciate its functionality. Appearance-wise, you can polish all the door handles and cabinets’ knobs, so they will be shiny like when you bought them. In addition, there should be an island counter that can be used for food preparations and as a dining table, saving room for other fixtures. These are ideal for families with children that need to grab a quick bite before they leave for school. Furthermore, you can replace wooden cabinet doors with glass ones to increase visibility and accessibility and the aesthetic appeal as well.

The tricks we listed are an excellent starting point for refurbishing your house. As time goes by, you will definitely come up with ideas of your own on how to add value to your property. In most cases, these home improvements will not cost much, unless they include building projects, like the aforementioned yard deck and a bar. All the money you invest now in the renovation of your house will come back tripled in value after the home goes up for sale.