How to Keep Your Home from Slipping into Chaos


Regardless of the size of your home, keeping it neat and tidy is no small task especially when you spend so much time at work and taking care of your family. In order to stay on top of everything, you should look for some hacks that will make this whole ordeal easier. We’ve gathered some pointers to get you started, so take note.

Get rid of clutter

Clutter is your biggest enemy when it comes to keeping your home neat. Stop for a second and take a look around. How many things have an actual purpose? How many of them are just things you forgot to get rid of or things that don’t have a designated space? So, if you don’t have a use for something, dispose of it. This will help you free up space, which will, in turn, result in your home looking much cleaner.

Throw away or donate what you don’t need

Once you’ve determined what is cluttering your home, you need to come up with a strategy to deal with it. If you have loads of papers, see what they are. Is it some paperwork that needs filing? Do it ASAP! Is it something you have no need for? Recycle it. The same goes for other things, such as clothes, furniture and various knickknacks. For example, you can organize a garage sale and earn some money or decide to donate them and help someone in need.

Buy only what’s necessary

Now that you’ve removed all unnecessary items from your home, you have to make sure that it stays that way, to avoid chaos in the future as well. Learn from your mistakes and don’t buy things you don’t need. If you see something you like in a shop, think about whether it will have an actual purpose in your life. If it’s just going to clutter up the space again and collect dust, you probably don’t need it. Look for things that offer functionality and practicality but are still aesthetically pleasing, such as modular furniture that serves as seating and storage.

Clean after every task

Another way to avoid clutter is to clean as you go. For example, you can do the washing up while cooking. Put the dirty items in the washer as soon as you’re done with them or wash them by hand if there are not that many. Once the meal is done, load up the dishwasher and there will be less clutter around instantly. Furthermore, make your bed in the morning, put the clothes away as soon as you’re ironed them, don’t let dirty clothes lie around the house, etc.

Set a time each week for cleaning

While these little things are great, you still have to do some deep cleaning once in a while. For example, set one day a week aside for this task. Change your bed linens, dust and wipe all surfaces, vacuum the floors and couches, clean your kitchen and bathroom thoroughly. On the other hand, some things can be done once a month, such as scrubbing down everything from the grout and drains to hidden areas behind furniture. Alternatively, in case you work too much and you just cannot keep up with these chores, you can always turn to professionals such as those from Simply Spotless Cleaning that will make your home tidy in no time. Aside from dusting, mopping and vacuuming, they will also sanitize your kitchen and bathroom. So, it’s good to know that this option also exists if you need some extra help.

Create designated places

We mentioned earlier how some items don’t have a designated space which leads to them creating clutter. Well, to prevent that from happening, find a place for everything. For example, create a space by the front door where you will leave your jacket, shoes, bag, keys, etc. This means that you will not spend 15 minutes looking for them before you have to leave and everything will be better organized. Moreover, figure out where other things will go. Create an area where you will keep electronics such as your flash drives, phone chargers and similar items and make sure you always put them back when you’re done.


Keeping your home from slipping into chaos shouldn’t be too difficult if you stay well organized and do everything on time. And don’t forget, even if you can’t keep up, you can always look for some help.