5 Reasons to Protect Commercial Property with Security Guards

Small businesses are responsible for approximately 52% of all sales nationwide, and they employ almost 60% of the annual workforce. But they’re also the most commonly targeted type of businesses for theft and violent crime. Retail and sale establishments lead the pack there, but commercial businesses such as factories and warehouses, hospitals, universities, apartment complexes, and banks or financial institutions can also benefit from extra security measures. But why should you consider enlisting a professional security guard to protect your commercial property?

Your Business Is in a High-Crime Area

High-crime areas aren’t always underprivileged or “bad” neighborhoods. “High-risk” and “high-crime” often go hand-in-hand. So a high-risk business in a high-crime area could be a warehouse or factory in a quiet urban town as easily as it could be a flashy or high-end retailer in a heavily populated metropolitan city. High-risk areas fluctuate based on several trends including economic stability and residential saturation, so avoiding serious theft in the past is not necessarily a guarantee you’ll continue to do so in the near future. Fortunately, the presence of a professional security guard can be the extra barrier needed to ensure your business remains mark-free.

You’re Concerned About Shrinkage

Any type of business with significant inventory can be highly successful in the right hands. However, theft and shrinkage can seriously challenge that success. Stats from the National Retail Federation and a nationwide FaceFirst study disclosed just how costly shrinkage is on an annual basis. According to the results, over 40% of businesses in America report an increase in annual inventory shrinkage. Almost 37% of shrinkage is due to shoplifting with each incident averaging $559 in the theft. And approximately 60% of shoplifters visit at least two of locations of the same chain while 20% of shoplifters visit at least three of the chain’s locations. In those situations, security technology alone isn’t enough to counteract the problem.

You’re Facing High-Turnover or Liability Issues

Business owners have specific liability requirements for their workers. And if the business is facing continuous losses over those liabilities, a corrective plan may require specific security measures such as the addition of a professional security guard. Worker’s comp issues and a blanket increase in insurance premiums can end up being far more expensive than the additional security solutions. Fortunately, Korner Security in Metro Detroit can help you cut those losses with the right security plan.

You’ve Faced Violent or High-Emotional Business Situations

Inventory theft isn’t the only concern in commercial properties. Around 2 million people report some form of workplace violence annually. In fact, there was a 12% increase in violent deaths at businesses from 2017 to 2018. Wednesday is the most violent day of the week in retail establishments. And 40% of retail fatalities occur inside the establishment, compared to 53% outside. Security guards can be invaluable in a variety of tense or emergency situations, whether those involve verbal or physical altercations, criminal incidents, or medical emergencies.

Your Business Is Successful and Has High Traffic

High levels of customer or client traffic can also be a liability that can lead to serious losses. The more active a business is, the more organization and security detail it often needs. Unfortunately, that extra traffic can also cause your security plan to be stretched thin. A professional security guard can check-in clients and customers, hand out ID tags, monitor doorways, and do a variety of cybersecurity tasks so that all you need to worry about is growing your business. Give Korner Security in Metro Detroit a call today to be safer and more successful tomorrow.