A Few Things You Must Know Before Buying Cricket Equipment


The popularity of cricket is unquestionable; the cricket fans are there in all parts of the globe. Almost all countries play this game. Ever since its invention cricket has remained one of the most popular games gaining more and more popularity with every passing day. Cricket is basically a bat and ball game which was first discovered by England in the 18th century. Cricket is the national game of England too.

As you are planning to get started with the game, it’s time to pick up the cricket equipment which is required to play the game. The cricket equipment is not for the professionals but for the amateurs too. As you get into the cricket field, you need to dress up with proper protective clothing. And when it’s about cricket equipment, there are so many items other than cricket bat and cricket ball. A complete set of cricket equipment includes everything from bat and balls to helmets, batting pads, shoes, helmets, stumps, hats, base layers, batting gloves, bat cover, clothing, ground equipment and wicket keeping equipment.

Cricket Bat:

The most essential cricket equipment is cricket bat. It comes in various weights, from heavy weight bats for professionals to lighter weight bats, the options are plenty. While choosing a bat you need to keep a few factors like size, weight, age group, brand or manufacturer and price too. To ensure a firm grip, the handle of the bat remains covered by a rubber or grip.

Cricket Ball:

The ball for playing cricket is extremely hard and it is hand-stitched. Genuine cricket balls use quality leather and some balls are waxed to get a shiny surface.

Cricket Gloves:

The gloves for playing cricket are of two types; one is designed for the batsman and the other kind for the wicket keeper. Those meant for the batsmen are thickly padded in nature, whereas, the gloves for wicket keepers are a little bit huge for improved catching. When looking to buy gloves, you must check whether it is comfortable on your hands or not. Gloves should help you handle the bat properly and must not be too tight or too loose. You can choose padded gloves to have comfort during batting, but make sure these are not overly padded as it will affect the batting style.

Cricket Stumps:

Stumps are three vertical posts supported by two bails; each of which has a particular name – off stump, middle stump, and leg stump. These are usually made of wood. The stumps used in the professional matches contain cameras for telecasting action replays and for this reason they are made hollow.

Cricket Pads:

These pads are used to ensure protection to players’ legs. Apart from protection, it is also important to be sure of the comfort it provides. Choose the one which is of the best quality and fits you the best.

Cricket Boots:

A pair of good quality cricket boots is important to play the game; otherwise you may end up getting hurt. Choose the best quality boots specially meant for playing cricket.

Other Cricket Equipment and Accessories:

Helmet is a must for batsmen and wicket keeper to protect their heads. An arm guard is used to protect arms. Apart from these various other guards for protection are also available and these include abdominal guards, thigh pads, chest guards, etc.

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