Best Apps For The Fashionista


Did you know technology can make you more fashionable? It’s true — among the hundreds of thousands of apps now available for smart devices around the world, there are apps for the fashion conscious. With the help of technology, you can look your best wherever you go — and many of these apps are free!

Looking to spice up your look with the help of technology? Read on for apps that can help.


Have you ever seen a stranger walking down the street and been amazed by their clothes? Chances are it’s happened more than once — and once they leave your field of vision, you may never see that article of clothing again. Tapping somebody on the shoulder to ask where they bought something can be sometimes impractical — but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on their great style.

Kaleidoscope is an app available for iPhone and Android that allows you to identify items of clothing from photos and directs you to where you can buy them. Kaleidoscope has also begun updates to offer personalized fashion suggestions. By learning what you like, Kaleidoscope can offer recommendations for new fashions that are just your style.


Cher’s desktop clothing database in Clueless is not longer fiction with the rise of apps like Cloth. Cloth offers you the ability to digitally archive your closet. With Cloth’s capabilities, you can refer to past outfits at any time, so you never forget how great they looked on you. You can input information about the weather for Cloth to narrow down your outfit options. You also can organize your outfits depending on what occasions they’re appropriate for.

Cloth is only one of several apps allowing you to digitally archive your closet. Those of us who love clothes tend to own more than we can reasonably keep track of, and getting rid of nice things can be unnecessary if you have the closet space and know you’ll wear it again. By using technology to keep track of your clothes, you’ll wear them all more often, and you’ll look better in them.

Love It or Lose It

On the fence about an article of clothing? It can be hard to tell when you’re in the store if something is as nice as it looks, or if you’re just getting carried away by wanting to buy it. With Love It or Lose It, send photos to your friends or to strangers who also use the app to get their thumbs up or thumbs down on your potential purchase. What’s more, if you like giving opinions on other’s clothing choices, Love It or Lose It is a great venue to do so while still being helpful and kind.


More apps for the fashion conscious are released every day. Let technology help you and you can become the fashion queen you are inside