6 Blogging Fails You Should Avoid


As a matter of common observation, blogging has emerged as a really successful social phenomenon in recent times. There are many reasons for it, the principal of which is the simplicity and user friendliness of the medium, and this is in comparison to websites of course. You don’t need to be adept at the technical side, and there is no real need for getting into that coding stuff. Above all, it works wonders in promoting your business as an Entrepreneur.

Besides letting you enjoy the immense scale of Target audiences available online these days, it brings in multiple benefits by driving traffic to your website, converting potential prospects into solid leads and giving you more control over the whole process.

Yet there are some bloggers who fail to capitalize on exploiting this huge opportunity, just because of the fact that they somehow always manage to put up the whole thing in a peculiar way. The remedy is simple, just ensure to abstain from below:

Unnecessary Content:

The secret of successful blogging lies in promoting Quality, not Quantity. You cannot grab and retain your audience’s focus by spending most of your time on content creation. Rather, more emphasis needs to be paid to crafting and posting it in a way that attracts attention and makes the number of audiences multiply. Just trying for an increase in the number of words would be a total waste of time, avoid it.

Lack of Creativity:

There is nothing wrong in getting inspirations or being influenced by someone. However, you need to master the art of transforming your own ideas into it as well, in order to get the essence of being unique. Maintaining the integrity is going to pay you a lot, no matter what the situation is.

Sounding Monotonous:

As a blogger, your chief objective is to generate the interest of your audience and the secret to achieve this is staying flexible and avoiding monotony. As an example, don’t be just business oriented, learn and try to add some flavor just to keep the reader engaged. Nothing is perfect, of course, you need to understand that change is something human’s stay close to and feel good about, something that invariably raises the level of their interest.

Non Concrete Basics:

Making silly mistakes in grammar, spellings & punctuations indefinitely mean you need to work hard on your basics. Believe it or not, the world is filled with bloggers who work really hard to improve on their macro skill areas, but miss out on things that come as elementary and this is the worst possible thing that you can do to yourself. In fact, it is the other way round. Things might work if the macro areas are not comprehensively addressed, but they won’t if there are micro level shortcomings.

Not Generating Feedbacks:

Feedbacks are always vital because they help you redefine your direction, just in case you are under the impression that everything is going right, but actually it is not… Apart from one of the primary motivational factors, responses from your target audience sometimes help you understand the ins and outs, as well as pointing out mistakes and errors if any, for your information and necessary perusal.

Giving Up Early:

“There is no shortcut to success”. As a successful blogger, you have to put your heart and soul into it, make it a pride for yourself and offer due commitment and dedication. As per that Japanese proverb: “Fall seven times and stand up eight”, so stay consistent, persevere and don’t give up. You may not taste success at first, but that doesn’t declare you unfit for the job. Try and identify those factors which are keeping you away from glory, and fix them up.

Being a successful blogger is no rocket science. Rather, it is a playing field where you are in need of knowing the rules of the game much more than mastering them. There are no hard and fast qualifications, so most of them can apply the basics and taste success. Remember, blogging is all about expressing yourself, so it is much better to keep the whole thing simple and straight.