5 Silent Signs Your Home Has An Electrical Problem

5 Silent Signs Your Home Has An Electrical Problem


Could you have an electrical problem in your home and not even know it?

Many families are shocked to find out that what sometimes seems like a small issue can actually be the sign of a much larger problem. If you live in an old house, it pays to understand some of the silent warning signs your home gives you.

In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), 13% of all home fires occur from faulty electrical wiring.

Here are five silent warning signs that your house could have an electrical problem.

1. Hot Outlets

Many of your home’s appliances generate a lot of heat; however, that doesn’t mean that your electrical outlet should be hot to the touch. If your electrical outlet is hot, this could be a sure sign of electrical problems behind your walls.

If you start to notice heat coming from your electrical outlet, unplug any cords immediately and have your home inspected by a professional.

2. Flickering Lights

It’s easy to pass off flickering lights as a problem of an aging home, but it’s much more likely that you have a loose electrical connection. If you notice one light in your home tends to flicker, this could be a simple fix.

On the other hand, if you notice multiple lights in your home flicker, it may be a sign of more serious electrical problems. If you notice this happening for several light fixtures in your home, it’s a good idea to call an electrician immediately.

3. Loose Outlets

Have you ever gone to pull a plug out of one of your outlets and get a little more coming toward you than the cord? If so, this could be a sign of faulty electrical wiring.

Your electrical outlets should always be fastened securely to the wall. If they are slightly loose, this could be a sign of wiring issues in your home. While it may seem harmless, it could be a potential fire hazard.

If you notice this issue in one or more of your outlets, stop using the outlet immediately and call a professional.

4. Electrical Shocks

Do you feel a little tingly feeling whenever you go to remove a plug from the outlet? It is a sure sign that you have an electrical problem.

It could be a sign of a faulty appliance, but it can also happen due to faulty wiring. To be sure it’s not your electrical system, it’s best to call in a professional to find out the reason for any electrical shocks you receive from appliances or outlets in your home.

5. Burning Smell

You probably already know that any burning smell is never a good sign; however, you’d be surprised how some families pass it off as something else. Electrical problems have a distinct smell.

A burning smell from an electrical socket could be a sign of a loose wire or short circuit. In either case, a burning smell isn’t common. However, if you notice a burning smell when using an outlet in your home, call a professional immediately.

Some Of The More Signs That You Need To Give Your Attention

Aluminum Wiring

If your home is lacing out an Electrical problem then you will obviously see the aluminum wiring within your house.  This is one of the major signs that you should not neglect at all and see the help of the electrical service Men’s Help.  If you neglect this sign of electrical problems then you can face a lot of problems with your health or your children can have difficulties as well.  Therefore whenever you see the aluminum wiring coming out from its actual cover then you should immediately see electrical service providers.  Do not try to manage all the things by yourself and wait till the time the electrical service providers will come to your house.

Improperly Grounded Flexible Gas Lines

One of the other major signs of electrical problems is grounded flexible gas lines. Almost all of the people nowadays are using gas lines to cook food for the whole family. However, there can be electrical problems in the gas pipelines as well.  Hence we would like to suggest to you all that if you see any kind of this in your gas pipeline then go and seek the help of electrical service providers to solve this problem immediately.

Ungrounded Shocks

Besides that, you can get on grounded shocks as well if an electrical problem arouses in your house.  To avoid unnecessary shocks and keep the whole family members safe from the ungrounded shocks you will have to check all the electrical pipelines very often and Call the service provided to check electrical problems and solve it as well.

Bogus UL Stickers

Moreover, you can see the bogus us sticker in all your electrical pipelines as well.  Whenever you see this sign in your Electrical pipelines you should not waste your time and call electrical providers to you as soon as possible.

Messy or Tangled Wiring

Lastly, one of the major signs of electrical problems that you can see is Messy or Tangled wiring in your house as well. Hence do not neglect all of the signs otherwise you can face problems as well.

Keep Your Home Free of Electrical Problems

An electrical problem isn’t always easy to detect. However, using the five silent warning signs of electrical problems from above, you can keep your home free of electrical issues.

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